What is my blog about?

DaisyCandle is a blog written by a 20 something with a passion for Health and Beauty. I enjoy sharing anything I find interesting. When I find interest in something, I tend to research thoroughly and get very passionate about it thus I would want to share it.

I try to post consistently and my schedule is as follows, however depending on the content I am posting, I sometimes post 2 health posts a week in place of the lifestyle post, but I try to keep the health and beauty topics as consistent as possible.



Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday and I try to split my posts into Health, Beauty, Lifestyle respectively.


Guest Posts

When I receive guest posts which I like and find interesting, I tend to share these on weekends and I try to stick to guest posts to once a week at max.


Changes to the content

As of May 2016, I have changed my diet and lifestyle to a mostly plant-based diet and cruelty free, so you might see some changes to the posts I write. The previously written posts which do not reflect my current lifestyle will remain as are as this was part of my journey!


More About Me

I have previously written some blog posts which may also give you more information about me which I am linking below:

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Contact Me

If you have any post recommendations or would like to see a particular post, feel free to let me know by email on cherdaisycandle@gmail.com




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