8 Bad Habits That Can Make Your Hair Thinner

8 Bad Habits That Can Make Your Hair Thinner

8 Bad Habits That Can Make Your Hair Thinner

Hair is considered the leader of beauty that is why hair care products are mostly expensive and cost of hair transplant is very high.

Everybody either men or women, wants to have shiny, healthy, and strong hair that reflects one’s personality. For a lot of people “a bad hair day equals a bad day”, and it can badly affect a person’s confidence.

For centuries, people have looked for ways to keep their hair healthy because the other option- that is hair transplant – was introduced few decades before. Although a small number of people are lucky with naturally healthy hair. Many people complain of hair problems like dull and brittle hair, hair loss, lifeless hair and so on. Here are few habits that can cause hair loss.


1. Stress:

Stress not only affects people mental and physical health, it can also result in hair loss.

When you take a lot of stress, hair can go into the fall-out phase. In fact, hair loss can take place up to three months after a stressful incident. However, in many cases hair usually grows back in six to nine months.


To overcome stress, try some easy stress-buster exercises, practice deep breathing and meditate.


2. Poor Diet:

Whatever you eat effects directly on your skin, nails and hair health. Hair needs various vitamins, proteins and minerals to remain healthy. According to a research amino acids, protein, iron and serum zinc are essential for hair growth.

So it is important to have a healthy diet to enjoy healthy hair.


Do not survive on junk food and avoid severely restrictive crash or fad diet. Vitamin E is very good for hair; you can intake it directly through medicines but after doctor’s advice.


3. Hot Hairstyling Tools:

Nowadays, we use hot hairstyling tools on regular basis to style our hair.

Even the frequent use of a blow dryer results in great damage to your hair. The heat from the dryer ended up making it look dry and dull.

Other styling treatments like curling and straightening cause more hair loss when done regularly. This can cause serious damage to your strands.


To reduce damage to your hair, set the setting of your hair dryer on low and frequently move it. But it is much better to let your wet hair dry naturally. Use heat protection hair products to decrease damage cause by straightener and curlers.


4. Using long-lasting hold styling products:

To keep the hair strong, many of us depends on commercial shampoos, serums, gels, sprays and other hair styling products. But not all the stuff available in the market is beneficial for your hair.

Many products include harmful chemicals that can cause severe damage to your hair, which may not be reversible.


Avoid the frequent use of harsh chemical-based products. It’s better to go for herbal products and home remedies.


5. Teasing:

Careless teasing or backcombing your hair is extremely damaging because it tangles your hair and can lead to split ends and hair breakage. Likewise, aggressive brushing or over brushing is also not suitable as it causes too much friction and makes hair brittle.


If you are not willing to give up teasing, avoid doing it regularly and use a fine-toothed comb. Also, keep in mind to be gentle with your hair and don’t do too much at once.


6. Wearing Tight Hairstyles:

After reading this, if you love styling your hair in tight ponytails, knots, braids and buns, you will think twice next time. These hairstyles can be the reason of your damaged thin hair.

It happens because of the damage caused to the hair follicles from long-lasting or repeated tension on the hair roots.


Try wearing down hair styles whenever possible. Even if you tie your hair back, keep it a bit loose. Also try not to wear the same hairstyle every day.


7. Over Washing:

Over washing is an additional very common mistake people make when it comes to hair care. Over washing can slip the natural moisture out of your hair and results in dryness and breakage.

Make sure to wash your hair maximum 3 times a week. If you are sweating or using hair products, wash your hair after every 2 days.


Select the shampoo that suits your hair. You can also try sulphate free shampoos and avoid mishandling wet hair after wash.


8. Taking Hot Showers:

Showering regularly is one of the hygienic habits that everybody should practice. Taking hot showers may feel great; but in reality it causes great damage to your hair.

The heat produced from a hot shower can slip away your hair’s natural oil, without which the hair becomes brittle and dry. This can make your hair breakable and falling out.


To have healthy hair, take showers with lukewarm water for about 10 to 15 minutes and only two or three times a week. For a final rinse, use normal tap water to help lock in moisture. This will make your hair shiny and healthy.

Always keep in mind that after your shower rub your hair softly and carefully. Allow the strands to dry naturally and avoid using blow dryer.


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