Spring Clean and Go Green

Spring Clean, Go Green and get the Kids Involved {Guest Post}

Spring Clean and Go Green

It’s been spring for a little over a month, but time flies and many of us have yet to do our spring cleaning. This is the perfect time of year for a deep cleaning of your home and garden. At the end of it all, you want to feel organized and refreshed. Spring cleaning only comes once a year so, you should take advantage of it. Plus, you want to reduce clutter. But, that doesn’t mean you have to harm the planet in the process. You can spring clean and go green. Not to mention, you might even get the kids involved. Read on to learn more.

Pump up the jam!

If you want your kids to take part in, and get used to spring cleaning activities, then it helps to play some upbeat music. It should be something they would move to. So, ask them what songs they like to dance to and play that. Of course, you want to check the lyrics first to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate.

If it’s EDM, then, there usually aren’t too many lyrics to worry about other than the thump, thump, thump of the music. In addition, music makes time pass by more quickly and puts a pep in everyone’s step. You might even make a game of it, where everyone freezes when the music stops and transitions to the next song. You might be surprised how quickly the time goes.

Recycle your Christmas stuff

It seems as if Christmas was just yesterday, but it was over four months ago! Nonetheless, you might still have closets full of Christmas items you haven’t used in years. Take those metal cans, jars, cardboard packages, old wrapping paper, plastic bottles and pots to your local recycling center. Make sure to sort your waste by glass, metal, cardboard and paper. If you have anything else, donate it.

Use homemade cleaning supplies

Forget the toxic chemicals that harm your family and your pets. You can clean just as well with baking soda, vinegar and water. Baking soda acts as a scrubbing agent too and is especially good in tubs and toilets. Vinegar will disinfect anything, and it wipes mirrors and windows squeaky clean. With homemade solutions, you don’t have to worry about harmful toxins. Combine vinegar and water in a mason jar for use anytime.

Skate the dust away

Another tip for getting your kids involved in spring cleaning is by having them wear old socks. You’re probably wondering why old socks? Well, they can skate for dust on hardwood floors with their feet. Just make sure they have plenty of space to roam. Put away breakable items or anything with sharp edges. Kids have a lot of energy and love to have fun. After they’re done, put all the old socks in a trash bag.

Make it a weekly cleanup

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen overnight. It took months to collect all of that junk and dust. You can take some time to clean everything out. So, you can turn it into a fun family activity by asking everyone to collect waste all week. At the end of the week, turn it into a game to see who can sort through the waste the fastest. Those who sorted their bins the quickest get a reward. It helps when you have more than one person collecting waste.

Say goodbye to paper towels

It’s really important to save the trees. Paper towels are convenient, and while paper is better than plastic, you don’t want to use too many paper towels. Instead, switch out your paper towels for reusable microfiber cloths. It goes without saying that a cloth rag cleans better than a paper towel, it’s also stronger so it won’t tear as easily. The same goes for your swiffer mops, switch them out for a regular mop. Think of cleaning like your grandparents did. They used cloths for almost everything. It really works. Plus, you’ll feel better about helping to save a few trees.

Figure out what to recycle and what to donate

By this time of year, you probably have a lot of stuff in boxes that you haven’t used or looked at in a while. More than likely, you’ve forgotten what’s in there and are scared to look. Take a deep breath, we’ve all been there. Instead of letting clutter pile up, now is the time to get rid of it. Go through all of your boxes and make three piles: one for recycling, one to donate and one to throw away.

You want the throw away pile to be the smallest of all because we’re trying to decrease the size of waste landfills. If anything, see what you can use and/or reuse right now. After that, look for items you can recycle and donate. It is important to make the most out of everything you own. It takes resources and energy to make products. Reusing and recycling items helps to cut down on the need for more resources and energy, especially when so much of our planet’s offerings are finite.

Get the bugs out

Woolen items and fibers can attract bugs. Have you ever pulled out an old blanket and found a bug? Eww, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. At the same time, you don’t need to fumigate your home. Instead of calling the exterminator, you can get rid of bugs naturally. All you have to do is add pouches of lavender and cedar chips into boxes. Not only will this smell lovely, but it will really keep the bugs away.

Spring cleaning does not have to be an exercise in futility. You can go green and get the kids involved with a few of the above tips. And, once you’re done, you’ll be ready for summer!


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