Basic Commandments of Allergy-Friendly Home {Guest Post}


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Nowadays, a lot of people have troubles with all kinds of allergies. A lot of allergens, believe it or not, live inside of our homes – the place we believe to be the safest. Home dust, dust mites, bugs, mold etc. are everywhere and it is not so easy to get rid of them. They are lurking under your bed, in your sheets, in your children’s stuffed animals, in your curtains, on your floor. For example, you have probably heard about dust mites, awful little creatures invisible to the naked eye that eat sloughed-off skin. Their waste is what triggers your allergies. The symptoms of these allergens are usually itching eyes, runny nose and sneezing, but there can be a lot more dangerous symptoms than these. Now, since there is no cure for this, you have to do whatever you can to eliminate the allergens, and here are some tips for that.


Some very easy steps

Before we start, remember that the main thing is to REGULARLY CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Do it at least once a week. Don’t ever let the dust to pile up on your furniture. Next, start a strict no shoes policy in your home. First of all, do you know how many germs and allergens people carry on their shoes? Not to mention the dirt. Shoes are the dirtiest piece of clothing and they are not meant to be worn inside. If your guests claim that they can’t be barefoot, prepare some slippers for them. Also, use an exterior doormat to trap the shoe muck. Maintain the temperature of your home between 20°C and 22°C and DON’T ALLOW SMOKING ANYWHERE! Also, ventilation is the key to avoiding mold and mildew, but don’t do it if you have seasonal allergies.



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And now let’s start with the most triggered and delicate parts of your home which are the places where you put your head on – beds, pillows and other furniture. First step is to make sure that you wash your sheets at least once in two weeks, and your pillow at least every 2 months. Of course, you should thrash your pillows as many times you want, you can do it every day basically. Also a good idea is to leave them on the sun for a few hours since it will pull out all the humidity out of them and make them puffy. Just by doing these steps you have already reduced the chance of having allergy symptoms, and when you add dust mite-proof sheets, you won’t have to worry about those sneaky little creatures ever again. When it comes to furnishings, make sure you use chairs, couches and dressers which are easy to clean such as wooden, metal, leather or plastic ones. Leather is the best option for furnishings since germs can’t pile up or stay there.



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As for the kitchen, don’t be lazy. Don’t let your dishes pile up and wash them daily. Scrub the sink to remove the rest of food. Wipe the excessing water from your fridge and take care of the dripping pan and rubber seals to avoid mold. Throw away out-of-date food from your fridge. Clean your cabinets and counters with detergent and always check under the sink area. Take care of your garbage and empty your trash can every day. If you are keeping your kitchen clean, with no food crumbs, the chances of having rodents or cockroaches are reduced entirely. Also, reconsider doing the rangehood installation above your stove, since it removes cooking fumes and reduces moisture.


Another triggered area is the bathroom. Make sure that you use tiles, vinyl or linoleum for your bathroom floors and paint your walls with mold-resistant paint. Take care of your toilets, sinks, showers and tubs by scrubbing the mold from them and clean them regularly. Repair all the leaks also and check that from time to time.


How to clean your house properly

Let’s get straight to the point. Update your vacuum cleaner and use the one with an easily changeable bag or even better, the one with water filter to really trap those germs. Next, don’t shampoo your carpets and rugs – steam clean them. The heat kills everything in there and the best part is that it uses zero chemicals. Wash your linens, bedding and towels in hot water, but first make sure that the fabrics can stand up to the heat. Also, try to use natural versions of cleaners and air fresheners to give your home a little detox.


That was basically all you need to know about keeping your home allergy-free. Follow these steps and you won’t have to deal with these problems ever again.


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