Skin Care Tips For The End Of Summer {Guest Post}

Skin Care Tips  End of Summer


The end of summer is the best time to prepare your skin for the following autumn weather. Due to the constant sun exposure, sea salt and swimming pool chlorine, your skin has suffered a couple of mild damages that must be fixed instantly. All it takes is a couple of soothing treatments that will get your skin glowing again. Revive the dull skin, prepare it for the cold winter and make it flawless for the holiday season with the following skincare tips.



Under the influence of damaging UV rays and numerous outdoor activities, the skin tends to become dull and rough during summer. Additionally, dead skin cells build up so the skin needs much more attention and care than usual. This is why exfoliation is an essential part of post-summer skin care. It will help the skin become smooth again, because all the dead cells will be gone. What’s more, the skin will absorb the moisturizer much better, which will instantly make it smooth, shiny and gentle.


Skin Care Tips  End of Summer


Take Care Of The Lips

Lips are especially prone to cracking during the summer months. Chapped, cracked and dry lips are unattractive and call for dedicated care after the long exposure to sun. Gentle scrub is perfect for exfoliation and it will remove all the dead skin from your lips. What’s more, a very soft toothbrush could do the same; just make sure you don’t scrub too hard or you will damage the thin skin. Add a moisturizing lip balm after the treatment to get soft and beautiful lips.


Even Out The Complexion

Darker age spots, blotchy skin tone and more freckles than usual are just some of the annoying side effect of tanning.  Regardless of the numerous creams and lotions that you may have applied before going to the beach, uneven skin will be one of the problems you’ll most likely face at the end of summer. Fortunately, numerous products can help you address this problem. Use professional strength-glycolic acid creams and lotions to fix this problem. Take back the control over your skin with Dermalogica range of products and make it perfect again.


Skin Care Tips  End of Summer



Moisturizing oils, creams and lotions are the vital part of skin care. During the summer months, skin is constantly under the damaging influence of UV rays, so you must take care of it and nourish it more frequently. Furthermore, make sure you replace some products that you use in spring or fall months with those that will have the better moisturizing power. Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are excellent for dry skin and will increase its elasticity and density.



Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, you must dedicate yourself to its care and hydrate it regularly. Drinking six to eight glasses of water everyday will provide you with the flawless skin and a gorgeous figure. The first sign of dehydration is dry and dull skin, so make sure you are always hydrating the body in order to prevent the skin from that kind of damage. The UV rays will dry the skin very much, so it needs to be extra hydrated in the summer months.


Treat Your Feet

Wearing open footwear is the recipe for dry and cracked feet if you don’t treat them properly. Sandals will cause dry, hard and rough skin to build up. Therefore, in order to remove thick and rough skin from heels and soles of your feet, make sure you use lotions and products that will soften it. Additionally, use stones and foot files in order to remove the build-up skin and have gorgeous feet ready for autumn.


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