choosing green lifestyle

A Life in Balance: Importance of choosing green lifestyle {Guest Post}

choosing green lifestyle


More and more people are choosing a green lifestyle every day. While it’s true that this is a popular trend in the world nowadays, its popularity stems from several indispensable benefits when it comes to the environment we live in and our health. There are many ways to go green in your life and each and every one is valuable. Unfortunately, a lot of people still question the importance of green lifestyle, probably because they’re unsure about what living green actually means. So, read on, and (re)discover the importance of green movement that took the world by storm.


choosing green lifestyle 2


Buying organic food

The perfect and most obvious example of green lifestyle is changing the food you eat to organic. Organic food doesn’t have to be too expensive if you know where to look and buy only what you and your family will actually consume. Check for some organic options at farmer’s markets that don’t use chemicals and pesticides in their crops when it comes to fruits and veggies. Many people stay clear from green lifestyle thinking that you have to be vegan, but living green also means that animals used for animal-based products are treated humanely and fed only the most natural food. You can eat animal-based products and live green if your body cannot function properly without meat. By supporting small farmers you’re supporting your local community doing your part in saving environment from the excess use of chemicals as well as taking care of your own health.


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Natural cleaning solutions

Another big part of green lifestyle is switching from chemical-based to all-natural cleaning solutions. You can make your natural cleaning products on your own and consequently avoid the negative influence chemicals and toxins that are usually found in these products can have on the health of you and your family as well as the environment. Allergic reactions, dizziness and even poisoning can happen due to the exposure to strong chemicals. When you stop using them, you’re preventing health hazards, sparing the environment from the toxic waste and saving some money on the cleaning solutions.


choosing green lifestyle


Recycle, reuse, repurpose

Today, we live in a buyer’s society with a motto to constantly spend money on new things. This kind of thinking requires constant mass production that consequently damages and pollutes the environment. This brings us to the importance of a fresh green motto – recycle, reuse and repurpose. To be fair, most households try to recycle but not as many try to reuse and repurpose something old in order to create something new. What’s more, the DIY method and second hand shopping are of great help to the environment as well as our budget. For example, with the necessary material and practical yarn bowls for sale, you’d be able to knit some very cool garments for you, your family members and even friends, while shopping in second hand stores for clothes will also help the environment recuperate.


choosing green lifestyle


Love your skin, love organic!

In all honesty, this might be the most difficult step of the green lifestyle but it’s as important for preservation of environment and your health as any other. Check out some of the organic skincare brands and take your time to find something that your skin will love. That way, you won’t support the use of chemicals in skincare and makeup and you won’t be responsible for washing such dangerous chemicals down the drain. You can even improvise and use some of the natural ingredients you have in your kitchen to get a perfect face mask or scrub and keep your skin, health and environment safe from all the bad influences.

With green lifestyle, you’re getting a chance to take your life into your own hands and actually do something meaningful and beneficial for both people and the planet we inhabit. You don’t have to rush and try to change things overnight. Take your time and gradually do your part in making this world a better place for our children.


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