Fall in love with your own body image

How to fall in love with your own body image {Guest Post}

Fall in love with your own body image

With the rigorous standards that modern society tries to impose on every one of us, loving our own body can be very difficult. Even the tiniest people can feel overweight when they are compared with various celebrities, and supermodels.  Nevertheless, gaining high self-esteem and feeling good in your own skin is essential to well-being of every person. If you are still not sure how to fall in love with your gorgeous body, follow a couple of our suggestions and you will feel confident for a prolonged period of time.


Wardrobe Revamp

We’ve all had those times when we saved our favourite skinny jeans for some happier times when we would be able to fit in them once again. Alas, years have gone by and they’ve just laid in the closet crowding the space, leaving you miserable every time you tried them on. Well, it’s the time you throw them and every other similar piece of clothing away and look the truth right in the eyes. You are beautiful, no matter what size you are, so stock only the wardrobe that fits you perfectly, and makes you look gorgeous.


Image: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5453/7203339630_ba40d1f8ab_b.jpg


Change the Point of View

Social media is one of the greatest influences in our lives. Therefore, if everyone you are following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are perfectly sculpted celebrities, or skinny models, try following people of various sizes and shapes. You will see that there are so many beautiful “plus size” people who are proud of their bodies, and flaunt their curves every chance they get. They will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and love every inch of your body. Remember, highly skinny models do not look attractive, but rather ill. After all, anorexia is a disease it’s not a fashion statement.


Be kind to Your Body

Sometimes we take our body for granted by saying we hate it and wishing it looked different. Just because you are a couple of pounds heavier, or if you have thin lips, too many wrinkles or large ears, it does not mean you should hate your body. If the ear problem for example is too much for you to handle you can always reach for otoplasty in Perth and have perfectly shaped ears. What is more, look beyond the obvious, and think about your body functioning perfectly. A healthy heart, strong bones and perfectly synced organs make you breathe every day and live the life to the fullest. Therefore, thank your body for keeping you well, and stop thinking it’s not beautiful.


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Move it, move it

Physical activity will help you maintain a positive attitude because you will get in shape and feel extraordinary. Working out has a great influence to both physical and mental health, so start going to the gym as soon as possible. Whether you choose yoga, Pilates, aerobics, jogging or weight lifting, your body will thank you, keep you energized and satisfied. What is more, exercising is the perfect way to meet some new people, share experience on similar issues that might bother you and learn to take some new advice that might change your life for the better.


Image:  https://static.pexels.com/photos/5302/person-couple-love-romantic.jpg


Love Your Imperfections

All your flaws make you who you are. Therefore, learn to accept them and love them, because they make you unique. Take it from Winnie Harlow. She was proud of her body, wasn’t afraid to show it, and now she is one of the most recognizable and popular models of today. She didn’t let her diversity stop her on her way to glory and success and neither should you. So, love every little wrinkle, that buttony nose, or your stretch marks because they do not define you as a person, only your inner beauty does.

If you think your body is not beautiful just the way it is – think again. No matter the size, shape, skin colour, wrinkles, stretch marks, or height, your body is amazing just the way it is. Take some of our advice and you will realize it yourself.


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