top 5 beauty products this month

Top 5 Beauty Products this Month – Monthly Hearts <3

top 5 beauty products this month


I haven’t posted a beauty favourites post in a couple of months as I have been using mostly the same products, but I have been switching up some products and planning different project pans to use up some of the products I already have. So here are the top 5 beauty products I have been loving this month.


Weleda Hair Oil

I have been trying to use all natural products where possible and I have been really enjoying the Weleda brand which is a natural brand without any animal product / testing. I usually use this oil after I blow dry my hair, it helps to add in moisture and leaves my hair shiny without it being sticky or feel oily


Inika Champagne Eye Shadow

Inika is a makeup brand which I have been loving and have been trying quite a number of products from. They are a clean and organic brand which is something I always look out for. I have been using this eyeshadow almost daily this month. It is so easy to apply and it give a nice sheer colour, perfect for an everyday makeup look


Faith in Nature Pineapple and Lime Soap

I have been using the Faith in Nature brand for quite some time now. I have tried their shampoos and conditioners and body lotions all of which I love. I decided to give their bar soaps a go because they are more travel friendly and more cost effective. I don’t usually like bar soaps as I prefer liquid soaps but I have been loving these. They have a nice but subtle scent and don’t leave my skin feeling dry and sticky like most other bar soaps I have tried so far. This pineapple and lime soap has a nice fruity yet fresh scent which in my opinion is perfect for summer.


DIY Deodorant

I have am currently very keen on DIY products. I have been trying to make some cleaning and beauty stuff out of the most natural products possible. Mainly to be aware of the chemicals or rather the lack of products I am using. I have been trying out a number of natural ready made deodorants, most of which were ineffective, so I gave this DIY deodorant a go which is mainly made out of bicarbonate of soda and essential oils, which I have found almost better than the store bought one. I will be posting the exact recipe soon and will also be reviewing the deodorants I have tried so far


Inika Kabuki Brush

This kabuki brush is amazing for blending in powder blush / bronzer to give a nice seamless finish. The bristles are very soft and it has a fat head which makes overall blending so much easier.



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  1. Kate

    22nd August 2016 at 3:35 pm

    I love Weleda! Haven’t tried their hair oils though – will have to investigate those! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. daisycandle

      22nd August 2016 at 8:16 pm

      I found it to be really good for my hair ?

  2. themodestfoxpr

    27th August 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Loving the organic eyeshadow for sure!

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