top 5 healthy hearts

Top 5 Healthy Hearts – Monthly Hearts <3

top 5 healthy hearts


I’ve been into quite a number of items which I think fall under the category of Health, so I decided to do a healthy themed Favourites this month. So here are my top 5 healthy hearts:


Health Magazines

I haven’t read actual magazines in ages, but I recently went into a book shop and I couldn’t resist. I love magazines and I used to subscribe to loads, but since I’ve discovered blogs, I started reading articles mostly online. I spent a lot of time browsing through magazine isles until I decided on these two. I picked up Natural Health which is mainly split into Wellbeing, Pilates, Beauty, Diet, Yoga and Retreats. This is almost how I want my blog to evolve into. I love all the topics and it looks into an alternative wellbeing perspective.

The other magazine I picked up is Vegan Food and Living which came with a special edition of summer desserts. It has 75 plant based recipes and since I’ve changed to a plant based diet, this makes a great addition to my recipe collection. Apart from the recipes it has interesting articles such as; better bone health, eating seasonally, spices for health and body building and fitness amongst others. This is the first time I have purchased this magazine, but I am really enjoying reading it.


Essential Oil

I have been using this Oregano 100% pure essential oil almost daily this month. I add one or two drops to a spoonful of coconut oil and do oil pulling first thing in the morning. I try to do this most days and I have seen great improvements. Oregano is a very strong anti bacterial and anti fungal. Oil pulling has also helped in making my teeth look whiter.



Mobile Applications

I love meditation and I have mentioned it in previous posts here and here. I don’t practice everyday although I would love to, but I have been trying to incorporate it as much as possible this month. I love headspace for guided meditation. I have used other apps in the past, but I always went back to head space. I love the voice, it is very calming and it is guided really well. Some aspects of meditation are explained with animations within the app which are enjoyable to watch and easy to understand. This app is awesome especially for beginners

Another app which I find really useful especially for reference is the Dirty Dozen app. It is an app created by the EWG group and its main purpose is to display the dirty dozen and clean fifteen fruit and vegetables with regards to health and pesticides. This is great as it is frequently updated. Apart from this list, the app also has the full list, an FAQ section which is really interesting, a shopper’s guide report as well as an article on strawberries. Amongst all it is a very good reference app.


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