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My Thoughts: Inika Certified Organic Liquid Foundation


Certified Organic Liquid Foundation

Product: Certified Organic Liquid Foundation



I am always on the lookout for clean make up and I have been searching for a good liquid foundation and  I have come across the Certified Organic Liquid Foundation by the Inika brand. I have purchased a number of the kits to try out as many different products as possible. One of the kits I purchased was the Inika Discovery Kit which contained a sample size of this foundation. I have since also purchased the full size bottle.


About the product

The full size bottle comes in a pump bottle which I prefer for liquid foundations. It is very easy to blend and to apply. It has  medium coverage but it is quite build-able. The Inika Foundation blends so nicely and it doesn’t cake at all. It stays on really well, I use it as my day to day foundation and it stays on for 6 hours or more and it gives a nice dewy finish. The smell is quite distinct, if you’ve ever used elemental herbology, it sort of have a similar scent. It doesn’t smell like any foundation I have ever used before but I love the scent.


Age Range?

I would say it is suitable for anyone who uses foundation.


How I use it

I always apply foundation on clean moisturised skin as I find it applies best and keeps my skin as clean as possible and it provides a good smooth, moisturised base. I use the shade cream, which I apply using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and then I buff it in using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Angled buffing Morphe Brush which I find gives it the perfect finish. I apply directly on top of my moisturiser and I don’t use any primers. I don’t use any powders as I love the dewy finish it gives.


Final Verdict:

I love this foundation, it is the best liquid foundation I have tried. I would say it is perfect for sensitive skin and it is organic and vegan, which is always a plus in my books. If you are looking for a good brand with clean ingredients, this is a very nice foundation to consider, and it is of a moderate price range.


Have you tried the Inika Liquid Foundation before? What are your thoughts?


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