The Detox Series – Flushing Out Our Kidneys [Part 2]



Our kidneys work hard for our body and we need to show them some tender, loving care


Eating to improve our kidneys

As with any cleanse / detox, choosing a healthy balanced range of food is important for all our organs. When adapting healthy eating habits and we concentrate on eating healthy foods, it is most likely that we end up eating much less of foods we don’t need.

Rebalancing our food intake

To flush out our kidneys, we need to increase our intake of kidney cleansing foods and these include; garlic, onions, papayas, bananas, watermelon, sprouts, leafy greens and cucumbers. It is important to also avoid meats, starchy foods, dairy as well as any processed foods as these will act as inhibitors to kidney filtering.

Certain common diets where they include the rebalancing of entire food groups can cause extreme damage to our kidneys. For instance a diet where carbohydrates are eliminated and the protein intake is increased can cause damage to our kidneys as the increased nitrogenous waste formed as a result of the breakdown of excess protein causes the kidneys to overwork and in severe cases can actually lead to kidney damage and failure.

Herbs good for kidneys

Some herbs are known for their diuretic properties which in turn turn out to be good for kidney cleansing. When the flow of urine is increased, these herbs help in encouraging the elimination of toxins. Effective herbal diuretics include: dandelion, cleavers, boldo, buchu and couch grass.

Whenever we take diuretic herbs or anything that encourages urination, it is important that we drink plenty of water to replace the fluids lost and stay hydrated as well as increase the flushing effect of the kidneys and helps with the detoxification process

The role of water

Whenever we are dehydrated, our kidneys are stressed. When we do not drink enough water / fluids, our kidneys must recycle dirty water to maintain fuel levels. This puts the kidneys under increased pressure and compromises their ability to eliminate waste. A good identifier to whether we are drinking enough water is a concentrated urine which will have a darker colour.


Our body’s purification system can only function well if we have enough water flowing through our kidneys to wash away the waste, so for kidney detoxification it is crucial to drink plenty of water every day – at least 8 glasses!


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