My Thoughts on: Inika Black Mascara

Inika Black Mascara



Product: Mineral Macara in Black


I have been looking for and purchasing different brands of ‘clean ingredients’ mascaras and I came across the Inika brand. I have purchased a number of the kits to try out as many different products as possible. One of the kits I purchased was the Inika Beauty Essentials Kit which contained a black mascara.

I was really sceptical about trying mineral mascara as I thought that it will not have a good stay on power or will be poorly made. Once I tried this Inika Mascara I realised I was so wrong about mineral / ‘clean ingredient’ makeup


About the product

I have been using this mascara almost daily for a couple of months now and I have been loving it. It applies really well and stays on all day. I usually apply it before work in the morning, around 7am and it doesn’t come off until I do my evening skin care routine around 8pm, so that is quite something. It is super black in colour and very pigmented, which is something I look for in a mascara. I find this mineral mascara to add a lot of volume to my lashes and on top of all is has great ingredients, is organic and is also vegan friendly!

The only thing with this mascara is that it is not waterproof, however, it is not healthy for the lashes to use waterproof mascara on a regular basis


Age Range?

I would say it is suitable for any one aged to wear mascara, even those with sensitive eyes


How I use it

I use the Inika Mineral Mascara as a part of my daily make up routine. I apply it after I curl my lashes with my eyelash curler and usually applying one coat of it is enough to do the job!

Final Verdict:

I love this mascara and I would be definitely re-purchasing once I am out as so far it has been the best mascara I have ever tried and it is almost better than the conventional ‘big lash’ mascara. Most of all the ingredients are great and as far as I am aware it contains no nasties, it is very good for my sensitive eyes and it is quite affordable in my opinion. Not as cheap as some conventional mascaras, but I would rather spend a little more money and know I am using safe products especially around my eye area!


Have you tried the Inika Mineral Mascara before? What are your thoughts?

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