The Detox Series – Detoxing your Kidneys [Part 1]

Detoxing Kidneys


Our kidneys play two vital roles in our body; balancing fluid and nutrient levels , and excreting waste. Keep them healthy with regular detox!

Our kidneys ensure that we do not become dehydrated or over-hydrated; they also monitor our salt levels. During the Stone Age, salt was scarce and potassium was abundant; the kidneys functioned to excrete potassium in the urine, but hold onto precious sodium. Today, the reverse is true to our diet: salt is abundant and people ingest less potassium. The kidneys have not similarly evolved and this excess of salt can put a real strain on the kidneys, making it harder for the to maintain the correct mineral and fluid balance.

Filtration of Toxins

The kidneys are also excretory organs, filtering toxic waste from the blood and converting it into urine, which is then expelled from the body via the bladder. At the same time, our kidneys selectively reabsorb useful compounds, such as glucose, amino acids and minerals, which can then be returned to the bloodstream. A good detox regime will help our kidneys function to the best of their ability in their crucial excretory role.

Anatomy of the kidneys

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs dorsally situated either side of our spinal column, just above our waist.

Each kidney is divided into an outer part known as the cortex, and an inner part, the medulla. The medulla contains several structures known as renal pyramids, which drain into a central reserve known as the renal pelvis

Clearing the System

The renal artery branches throughout each kidney, supplying it with about 90 litres of blood everyday. As blood flows through the kidneys, water and other constituents are absorbed by millions of blood processing units known as nephrons. Useful products are re absorbed, while excess water and waste are excreted as urine, which drains int the bladder via the renal pelvis.


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