How I got into Healthy Living — Follow My 3-Part Story [Part 3]

Healthy Living

Results of Changing my Diet

Eating a plant based diet has helped me in more ways than just healing my conditions. I have seen great improvements in my mood and all aspects of life. I don’t panic as much and I feel like I am more positive on the whole outlook of life. I still do get stressed out sometimes, but I feel like I can control myself better.

Whilst doing my research, I came across loads of other information both on websites and you tube channels which made me think on the ethical part of eating a plant based diet. Originally I have looked into this way of eating for health reason, but I was oblivious on other impacts our diet has on animals and the environment. I never realised what animals go through in order to be offered to us as food. After watching some clips from The Vegan Activist, The Friendly Activist and Freelee the Banana Girl, I gave up meat shortly after. Funnily enough, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I have been living meat free for over 2 months  now and have not craved it once and it has been 1 month without any animal products (intentionally*).

*When I say intentionally I mean I haven’t eaten direct meat, dairy, eggs, but I’ve had the occasional small piece of cake or biscuit which might have been made with butter and eggs, but I am trying out different desserts which are all vegan and still taste delicious.


Helpful Resources

If you are interested in trying out eating plant based or are interested in looking for further information, here are some youtube channels and blogs which I found motivational and made my dietary switch easier:

The Vegan Activist 

The Friendly Activist 

Christine Kobzeff 

Cheap Lazy Vegan 

Jenny Mustard 

The Edgy Veg 

Deliciously Ella 

Hot For Food 


Have you ever thought of making such changes? What are your thoughts?


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