How I got into Healthy Living — Follow My 3-Part Story [Part 1]

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Ever since I can remember I have always suffered from allergies, eczema, asthma and I used to get sick really frequently as a child. 


Skin Condition: Eczema

I used to suffer from sever eczema to a point where I had to take shots to calm my body down and I used to get covered in red patches (look like burn marks ) from my head to my waist.

This have always made me very self conscious and my condition got worse in hot weather which meant that I could not go out much in summer due to the heat making my condition worse and feeling self conscious having my body covered in red patches that itch like crazy.

Going to a beach was almost impossible because although the salty water is supposedly good for my skin and so is Vitamin D from the sun, the sand / dust will aggravate my condition to a degree where I used to itch my skin till it bleeds

Using a pool with chlorine water will result in having to go to a dermatologist after to get a shot to calm down my condition.

I have suffered from eczema since I was about 4 years old and I used to get it on / off according to seasons. I used to be prescribed  pills and steroid creams to calm my condition and it used to sooth it down.

Eczema at its worst

The worst I got was around 3 years ago. I used to get eczema mostly around my chin, all over my arms and sometimes behind my knees, but this time I got eczema all over my face, eye area, neck and chest. I was told that I should not use any of my creams around my face but I got so desperate that I was putting on my steroid creams all over my upper body including my eye area.

I knew that it was a bad thing and it will damage my skin but I could not go to work or out of the house looking and feeling the way I did so I used that as a fast solution. I also went to a dermatologist and he instantly gave me a shot followed by more shots weekly for a couple of weeks.

I knew I had to do something, living this way was not an option any more and the medical costs were astronomical.


What Helped My Condition

I started researching and discovered that some food will make my condition worse so I tried to live without eating certain fruits and processed foods especially ones containing MSG. This has helped, but I wanted to get to the root of my problem. I read books, researched online, followed blogs and I discovered that this condition is also known as an auto immune disorder. Basically this means that the body is attacking itself!


The Plan I Followed

I read the book Clean by Dr Alejandro Junger and soon after I followed the 21 Day Cleanse. I have seen amazing improvements and it has helped me a lot. My eczema healed and it did not come back all year after following that plan. 


After the Plan

My intention was to follow the rules  of the 21 day plan for at least a couple of times per week, but I did not manage to do that. As time went by, I fell off the wagon and I started eating processed foods again. I have been into healthy eating since I was around 14 years old, however when treats are readily available, I tend to fall for them really easy especially if I’m hungry!

Whenever I feel stressed I tend to eat a lot and most of the time I don’t make healthy choices. Stress + Processed food = very bad combination for my health. Whenever this happens I tend to see some eczema patches usually around my face | neck | arms. This is usually my kick in the butt to identify what I am eating and go back to eating healthily. Eating healthy on and off is not a good thing but it is better than eating poorly all year round.


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