Top 5 Apps for a Healthier Lifestyle – #TechnologyBenefits

top 5 apps for a healthier lifestyle

I use and try out a lot of different applications  to try and keep on top of my healthy life style routine. Some apps I use for a couple of weeks and then I forget all about it, but these are the best 5 apps that I keep on using and going back to.

1. HeadSpace 

I have been using Headspace for over a year now and I love it. It is a meditation app and it is the best one I have tried so far. Andy’s voice is so calming yet encouraging that it makes me want to look positively to things and every day in general. I try to use it every day as a part of my morning routine, where I spend the first 10 minutes listening and meditating. I found that starting my day with meditation gives me the perfect start to my day and it helps me keep calm in hectic and stressful situations. I usually tend to forget all about it, if I don’t meditate as soon as I wake up, so I try to find 10 minutes before I get out of bed

2. Sleep Cycle

I use this application in place of my alarm every morning. I set my time before I go to bed and leave my phone in aeroplane mode on my bedside table. The app allows you to input notes before you sleep such as eating late or drink caffeine to better keep track of your night sleep. Whilst you sleep the app monitors noises and movements which will give an idea on the quality of sleep and it can wake you up within 30 minutes of the set alarm according to movements to identify to best wake up time within 30minutes of your ‘deadline’ for waking up. My app is linked to a Heart Rate app, where upon waking up, I check my heart rate and it helped me to better identify when I sleep best according to times I went to bed and food I ate the previous night

3. Think Dirty

This is an awesome app for checking whether the ingredients within a product so you don’t have to memorize all the nasty ingredients. You can simply scan a product barcode or type the brand or name of a product and the app will display the ingredients as well as rate the cleanliness / harmfulness of the product per ingredient. Awesome for helping you choose clean products. If a product does not exist in the database, simply record it and they will update it as soon as they have the information.

4. Dirty Dozen

The EWG have an app actually called Dirty Dozen which contains of a full list of produce rated by the highest to lowest pesticide levels. This makes really easy to check the level of pesticides on the go and whilst shopping. If you can’t afford to buy organic produce, stick to the clean fifteen or check the full list to find an alternative with lower pesticide levels. TIP: If you want to buy organic, try doing so directly from the farmer, it is often cheaper than buying organic from the supermarket!

5. Audible

Ok, so this is not actually a health app, but it has enabled me to read a lot of health books on the go. I sometimes find allocating a couple of hours each day to read informative books quite difficult, but using audible has been incredible. I use it when doing tasks which don’t need loads of concentration, such as cleaning, sorting out my stuff or organizing cupboards. I sometimes also use it instead of my radio in my car, I have found this to be an amazing thing especially when stuck in traffic. Now I get less frustrate in traffic as I don’t feel like I am wasting as much time, at least I’m learning something whilst doing so.



Do you have any recommendations for apps I should try out? 


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