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crazy sexy diet


Author: Kris Carr

Product: Crazy Sexy Diet



If you’ve read my previous post you know that I am currently obsessed with Kris Carr’s books. Unlike the two other books mentioned, I have purchased the Crazy Sexy Diet over a year ago. For some reason I forgot all about this book and never got to it. I rectified the situation however as once I started reading it, I could not put it down, so informative and interesting !

I got the kindle version of this book which is great and I could easily take it with me anywhere however for referencing back to information and following recipes / cleanse, I would have preferred the hard copy of the book


Basic Information

Where can I start? This book is simply amazing, it is full of great information including scientific information and researches which is explained in a nice flowy and easy to understand terms that although it is not a story, it kept me wanting to flip pages to see what else is there.

The book consists of ten main chapters with a number of sub sections each including; Kris’s Story | Bad Genes vs Bad habits (and how we can avoid genetic disease) | the Power of Alkaline diet and PH balance | Information on Sugar Carbs GI values of fruit and veg inflammation link protein and how much do we really need information on carcinogens and how certain diets such as the Atkins are really bad for our healthfactory farming healthy gut and its effect on our health |detoxing your body combining foods for better digestion | benefits of juices and how to choose the best kit for juices for your budget self care meditation and yoga the importance of exercise and healing ready made products and reading labels body brushing |breathing exercises and massage sleep getting started with the crazy sexy diet sorting out the pantry kitchen equipment cutting costs on healthy food dirty dozen and clean fifteen supplements and last but not least this book includes a step by step 21 day Cleanse and the respective recipes.


Why I love it?

It is amazing, full of awesome information explained in terms everyone will understand. It is written in Kris’s words and it is a book I really enjoyed reading unlike some boring informative books. Full of information, have learned quite a lot and it is good for referencing at a later stage.


Final Verdict:

I would recommend this book to everyone, in particular to people who are looking to learn more on healthy living but do not know where to start. This is a good place to start as it covers a lot of ground! Having said so, it is also amazing for people who are already into healthy living.


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