Super food selection for health diet in porcelain bowls over distressed wooden background.

How to Live an Organic Life on a Budget {Guest Post}

Super food selection for health diet in porcelain bowls over distressed wooden background.

When hearing the word “organic”, many people think about cosmetics and some even about food, but living an organic life, even though it includes both food and cosmetics, is much more than that. It means applying smart and positive planning and organization with concern of your own as well as the environment’s well being in all aspects of life. And when everything is carefully planned out, it becomes obvious that organic life is a perfect motto for those who wish to be frugal and responsible.

organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not have to spend great amounts of money on organic skincare. There are many affordable brands you can switch to if you just do a little bit of research and thus avoid putting dangerous chemicals on your skin. Moreover, DIY face masks and scrubs can be made out of the ingredients you have in your kitchen and safely use for consumption which will help you save some additional money while looking fresh and radiant.

Save on food

Food that is labeled organic might be the most expensive thing on your shopping list so why not try to grow some of it on your own? You really do not need a great planting space to start – even a small pot in your apartment can be enough for some herbs and spices. Vertical gardens that can also be incorporated indoors are really useful for some veggies and fruit. And if you are lucky enough to have a yard, there is nothing to stop you from gardening your way through organic life without pesticides on your food. On the other hand, do not be lazy to visit farmer’s markets and nearby farms because organic products there will cost you a lot less than those in your local supermarket.

It is not all about advertisement

Remember that if something is not labeled organic that does not necessarily mean that the product in question is not good for you. Getting certified can sometimes be over the budget for smaller brands and farmers so always make sure to read the ingredient list when you shop products that have one and try to get to know the people who sell food at the markets to get a better idea on how they grow their goods.


The question of clothing

If it is not already obvious, clothing is a big part of anyone’s lifestyle and living organic has its own ways in this department as well. Basically, buying second-hand clothes will not only save you money but help protect some of the natural resources as well. Even if your part in protection may be small, it is still significant because you will not be the one to take part in toxin production necessary for making new clothes. There are definitely some second-hand stores near you, but if you like shopping on the Internet, check out swap online consignment clothes where you can even sell your own stuff you no longer wear.

Coupon craze

Clip away! Coupons are there for a reason and only someone who really does not care about the money they spend will ignore these opportunities. Even though organic coupons might be a bit harder to come by, try your best to save money and subscribe to newsletters of organic companies that you respect or follow some organic-themed blogs that will definitely have information on discounts, sale codes and coupons. This does not only apply to food but beauty products as well so always pay attention to some online makeup and skincare stores that carry organic brands you like.

Think about your own health and the health of people you love while being aware how your actions affect environment and your wallet. With this in mind, it will be quite easy to shift to an organic lifestyle while keeping the budget in check.

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