My Thoughts on: Pai Bio Regenerate Rosehip Oil



Brand: Pai Skincare

Product: Rosehip BioRegenrate Oil


Age Range?

I would say it is suitable for all ages, especially for people who suffer from sensitive skin or have scarring or skin flareups.


How I use it

I use it in place of an evening moisturiser every day or every other day.

After my evening cleanse, I tone then I apply around 4 drops to my hands then apply the oil all over my face except around my eye area. I have posted a Skin care routine quite some time ago, but I still use the same principles to apply.



I have seen great improvements since I’ve been using this oil. I use it mostly with other Pai products or with my DIY skincare routine.

  • Seen improvement in skin texture
  • Acne scarring faded really well
  • Great for when suffering with eczema breakouts
  • Improvements in skin coloration
  • Leaves skin soft and supple without it feeling too greasy
  • Clean and Organic ingredients


Final Verdict:

I love this oil and have seen great improvements since I’ve started using it. I have recently stopped using it for a couple of weeks to try out other products, but I have seen a huge impact on my skin so I went back to it! I would recommend this for everyone to try, it is not very expensive, especially compared to some other facial oils, it is made up of clean and natural ingredients which really work!


Have you tried the Pai Rosehip Oil  before? What are your thoughts?


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