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I have always been into healthy living but have recently been researching and reading more with the aim of living the healthiest way possible. I have known about Kris Carr for quite some time and I love her blog. Have also mentioned her in posts here and here. I read her book called Crazy Sexy Diet (which I will review soon) and got more interested in her lifestyle so I purchased her other 2 books; Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Juice.

Both books contain loads of recipes but buy Favourite sections are the information sections. Both books are loaded with great information! If you’ve read my top 5 recipe books post you will realize that tips and information are what I look for in most recipe books.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen contains information on why this lifestyle is important for living healthy and reduce the risk of disease, FAQs, Kitchen Staples, Kitchen tools, how to make it possible to live such way without breaking the bank, kitchen know how, cooking and prepping, cooking tips for basic staples, knives 101 as well as over 150 plant based recipes from juices and smoothies to cakes and desserts.  All look amazing and I intend to do a full review once I give this book more use

Crazy Sexy Juice contains benefits and philosophy of Juicing and Blending, Different types of Juicers and which one is best you your lifestyle, information on choosing a blender, balancing fruit and veggies, juicing and blending staples, tips for saving money, washing and prepping produce, information on different types of fruit and veggies to juice / blend and how to prepare, store, select, nutrients, health benefits, how to switch to a healthy lifestyle; what to include and how to adjust, FAQ along with 100+ recipes of juices, smoothies and nut milks and a 3-day cleanse. I also intend to do a full review on the book once I give it a good use.


If you never heard about Kris Carr and are interested in healthy living and wellbeing, have a look at her website, there are also tons of amazing recipes!


Have you read any of Kris Carr’s Books? What are your thoughts?

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