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Summer Body Preparation: Fitness & Skincare {Guest Post}

cover fitness skincare

Summer is almost here, and this fact will definitely make some of you frown – especially those who were a bit naughty during cold winter days. That extra slice of pizza didn’t seem as such a big deal back then, however, now you probably realise that it wasn’t the smartest decision ever. But don’t worry – here are some basic tips on how to get prepared for the beach and hot summer days.

Be Fit

Winter is finally behind us, which means that it’s high time you started working out. Even though all of us know that summer bodies are build during winter, many girls actually don’t take much care of their fitness routines as soon as temperatures drop. If you are one of them, don’t worry. The first thing you should do is definitely changing your diet – get rid of foods that create puffiness and inflammation in the body, which basically means that you should replace sugar, carbs, and alcohol with proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Besides that, regular exercise and sufficient water intake are a must, because these will help you get rid of extra kilograms gained over last few months.

Take Care of Your Skin

There are some crucial steps that will help you prepare your body for the beach, and the first one is certainly exfoliation. A gentle scrub two to three times a week will make your skin much smoother, since it will remove the dead skin cells that piled up on its surface, making it look dull and flaky. This will also contribute to faster tanning as soon as summer comes. After the scrub, a good moisturiser is also necessary, and it is important to switch to the one with a lighter formulation. During winter your body needed a rich and creamy formula, however, in spring your skin will need just a lightweight gel or a hydrating serum. That will prevent you from feeling sticky and oily all day long. However, just be sure not to overdo it, because too much moisturiser can clog your pores.

Slather on Sunscreen

Even though sunscreen needs to be applied all year round, the majority of people don’t take this piece of advice seriously. People tend to use it only when the temperatures go through the roof, and unfortunately, many others don’t use it even then. Being irresponsible towards their own bodies can be extremely harmful, since sunrays can cause premature aging, wrinkles, degradation of skin texture, and not to mention skin cancer. Sunscreen products with SPF 30 or higher are absolutely essential, just make sure that they have both UVA and UVB protection.  These will protect your skin from hazardous sunrays, and help it maintain its elasticity.

Be Confident About Your Body, No Matter What

Maintaining a positive body image is crucial, no matter whether you have a few extra pounds or several stretchmarks here and there – loving yourself is the key to success. However, if you simply want to go for a flawless look, which cannot be achieved just with regular exercises and balanced diet – cosmetic surgery is another way to go. A lot of women who had breast lift procedure or a liposuction before summer claim that it was the best decision they have made in their lives. It removed imperfections that bothered them for a long time, which immediately boosted their confidence and made them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo subject nowadays, so why wouldn’t you improve your body in order to look even more fabulous?


Getting ready for summer requires a lot of effort, however, you will realise that it was completely worth it once you slip into your new bikini. Every minute of your workout will pay off, as well as restricted diet and taking your skincare routine to the next level. Be the best version of yourself and show it this summer!


Written by Peter Minkoff – beauty editor at highstylife.com


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