Skin that Glows in the Sun {Guest Post}


Skin that glows in the sun

Have you already started your summer preparations? There is no time to wait because summer will be here in the blink of an eye and there is no greater feeling than being able to enjoy the sun, beach and summer clothing without any tiring self-consciousness and worrying. If you treat your skin and body right, sun rays will become your best friend in accentuating your healthy and radiant glow.

Exercise and balanced diet

Following a regular workout routine and paying attention to what you eat might not seem directly connected to the condition of your skin but it actually does wonders in making your skin plumper, smoother and brighter.  Basically, physical activity improves your blood circulation which in turn can brighten up your complexion and get rid of ‘orange’ skin and lymphatic knots. It also helps you release all the harmful toxins from your body which will lead to less possible breakouts. Moreover, balanced diet will refresh any dull complexion and give you enough energy to enjoy every day in the year and not just the summer season.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Skin that is hydrated will always look younger and smoother than
dry and patchy skin. Not to mention that it will aid you in avoiding any possible sun damages. Therefore, it is perfect time to add lotions and creams to your beauty routine. Apply a nice moisturizer after every shower on your whole body and use a good hydrating cream or gel for your face in the morning and before bed. This will give your skin that special boost and improve its elasticity, especially after the cold winter months. If you think that you will be too lazy to apply a moisturizer on your body, you can opt for in-shower body lotions that will save you the time but will still leave your skin nourished.

Exfoliate imperfections

Sometimes, bumps on your skin may appear to be a persistent issue but the cure for this irritating condition is regular exfoliation. Using a scrub, dry brush or exfoliating glove on your body and face once or twice a week will remove any dead skin cells, thus tightening your pores and smoothing out any bumps that disrupt the perfect look of your skin. It is important to remember not to be too rough with exfoliating techniques so that you do not damage the skin and cause redness.

Tanned and protected

A finely prepped skin i.e. skin that is hydrated and exfoliated creates great conditions for application of some fake tan products or even air brush tan. Pampered skin will soak up the product better and the distribution of tan will be more even as well. This way you can look like a real summer child without the dangers of excessive sunbathing. Still, you have to protect your skin from damaging sun rays so always apply sunscreen on uncovered body parts. It would be best to find a different sunscreen for your body and your face since your facial skin is more sensitive and needs higher SPF.

Say goodbye to acne

Annoying acne problem can have many causes so if you constantly find yourself getting irritated over this troublesome skin issue, be sure to visit a clinic and ask for professional help and acne treatment in Sydney that will suit your needs and condition the best. Moreover, you can do a lot yourself by switching to some lighter products in summer months, using oil-free and mattifying primers and makeup as well as exercising and cutting out junk food from your diet.

If you start working on your goal of having glowy, youthful and radiant skin now, you might notice some great changes in your appearance before the summer officially arrives. This is a great motivating technique to keep you strong and persistent in taking good care of yourself even after the warm months come to an end.

Article Written by Gabriella Diesendorf


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