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Superfood: Index | Vegan | Plant Based Edition

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This is a post, or more of a collection of post I have done quite some time ago, and since I have recently changed my way of eating to a more plant based diet, I though I would revamp and re post the index for the superfood collection.

The below listed superfoods are all plant based and vegan.


1. Superfood: Intro

2. Superfood: Beetroot

3. Superfood: Almonds

4. Superfood: Walnuts

5. Superfood: Broccoli

6. Superfood: Blueberries

7. Superfood: Bananas

8. Superfood: Cranberries

9. Superfood: Olive Oil

10. Superfood: Spinach

11. Superfood: Ginger

12. Superfood: Onions

13. Superfood: Tea

14. Superfood: Garlic

15. Superfood: Asparagus

16. Superfood: Lemons and Limes

17. Superfood: Beans

18. Superfood: Peppers

19. Superfood: Aubergine

20. Superfood: Parsley

21. Superfood: Lentils

22. Superfood: Black Pepper

23. Superfood: Tomatoes

24. Superfood: Oranges

25. Superfood: Pears

26. Superfood: Cucumber

27. Superfood: Brown Rice

28. Superfood: Pumpkin

29. Superfood: Mustard Seeds

30. Superfood: Plums

31. Superfood: Soya and Tofu

32. Superfood: Sweet and regular potatoes

33. Superfood: Tumeric


If there are other foods you would like me to include in this feature please let me know and I will research and post anything you would suggest!


Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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