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I like DIY skin care, haircare etc and I try to use natural products as much as I can. I am always researching and trying out new things and I came across bentonite clay. It has loads of healing benefits, it removes impurities and cleanses the skin, leaving it clean and healthy.


How I use it

I mix a spoon full of the clay with purified water in a glass container and mix together until it forms a paste. Since the one I use is a living clay, I leave it to sit for a couple of hours or prepare overnight before use.

I use a flat foundation brush to apply on my face (simply because I will make a mess otherwise) and I apply on my whole face. I apply quite a thick layer on my face and I leave it for around 30 minutes until it dries. During this time I usually re apply around my nose since is the area that needs the most cleansing and it is common to have black heads.

After the 30 minutes, I rinse it with warm water until I make sure all the residue is washed away and my face is clean. Once it is fully rinsed, I apply a facial oil such as coconut oil or my trusty Pai Bio Regenerate Rosehip Oil.

How often

I try to do this mask once a week, usually on weekends.

The first time I tried it, it left my skin super red, it did not hurt at all, but it was very visible. The redness went away after around 30minutes to an hours and the more I used it the less redness I had.

I would not recommend using this mask before going out and I would suggest you would not wear any makeup for hours after doing it to let your skin cool off.

Final Verdict:

I love this clay, I have used loads of different face masks before but I haven’t found anything as effective as bentonite clay and compared to most face mask this one is very cheap. The brand I use is by Aluna Gena Living Earth Clay Calcium Bentonite Powder 420g ~ Cosmetic / Spa Clay which I get from Amazon and is organic and natural.


Have you tried the Bentonite Clay before? What are your thoughts?

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