Apart from adding food and delicious taste to meals and beverages, spices can have several benefits.  Some of them have some healing powers and capabilities. Others work in fighting radical effects and thereby acting as antioxidants. In the same ways, they aid in fighting and the prevention of serious conditions such as cancer.  Besides, others can help in promoting and boosting a healthy heart. Others could reduce inflammatory effects in the body organs and the joints. Most of the spices that are capable of healing or providing remedies for some conditions, have good taste, and thus, people take them often. However, some people just hate spices. They need to see these effects of spices to change their minds. They are missing a lot.

1. Cinnamon

To start with, several individuals will use the spice for the nutrition and taste power. It helps in transforming meals to be delicious and enjoyable. Apart from the effect, the spice has high levels of antioxidants. It keeps the body protected from invasion and harm from the radical effects. At the same time, cinnamon aids in preventing and avoiding oxidative stress. These antioxidants present are also vital for their effects of fighting and eliminating diseases. The conditions they can fight off and eradicate include cancer. Besides, it can fight skin conditions as well as diabetes. Apart from fighting these conditions, the spice makes one look young and youthful. It promotes skin health and brightens looks. Furthermore, one of the weapons against cardiovascular issues is the spice.  It also enhances and promotes the functioning of insulin in the body.  Consequently, it aids in reducing cases or instances of high blood pressure.  For the health benefits, adding the spice to your foods is critical and helpful. Half a spoon of the spice is sufficient each day.  You can use in foods and also in butter. Besides, you can add the spice to coffee or even tea any time of the day.  To boost the antioxidant power, add to your breakfast.

2. Turmeric

Notably, the spice has been used severally especially in Indian Medicine. For the case, individuals look at it as medicinal.  The antioxidants in this spice aid in the prevention and the control of cancer conditions. At the same time, it helps in boosting and enhancing the heart rate.  Besides, the spice helps in regulating insulin levels in the body.  For this reason, it prevents high blood pressure and helps in promoting heart health. Additionally, the spice aids in providing anti-inflammatory effects in the body. It is majorly used by arthritis patients for pain relieving and pain management. It is also capable of regulating and boosting individuals’ immune system.  It deals with and helps in eliminating all the immune system disorders.  However, as much as one would like to have all these benefits, do not use too much of the spice. One needs only 3 teaspoons in a week. It can be used in either dishes or salads. Infusing in hot water is also an option.

3. Thyme

This spice is popular for its microbial properties and effects of the body. It can be used for mouth washing and thus gives users a fresh breath.  It also helps in enhancing and promoting the process of food digestion. It aids in reducing instances and the effects of constipation. It is also capable of decontaminating some of the food poisoning agents. Use the spice in small amounts each day for the benefits. It can be added to cocktails, dishes, and even salads.

4. Ginger

In both ancient and modern medicine processing, ginger has been used. Research indicates the strength of the spice in dealing with some health issues and conditions. It is useful in the prevention of digestion disorders as well as preventing and eliminating nausea. It helps in the protection of the digestive tract as well as reducing the likelihood of suffering gastric ulcers. It also aids in pain alleviation. Women with menstrual cramps can use ginger as a remedy.  It also aids in the reduction of joint muscle pain.  Do not ingest too much of the spice to prevent the pains. If pains persist, do not insist on using the remedy, it is critical that you seek medical attention.  Too much of the spice is likely to cause heart burns. It may as well increase and worsen gallstone problems.

5. Sage

This spice is linked and associated with wisdom by many. As a matter of fact, it aids in improving moods as well as boosting your memory.  It also aids in the relaxation of the body and the mind and this shows that it is important when reducing stress. It is thus critical when reducing stress. Besides, it is effective, for treating issues related to digestion and this includes gaseous discomfort and constipation. Additionally, it can prevent the occurrence of hot flushes.



In a nutshell, most of the spices we use are medicinal. However, most people may not know how essentially important the spices are to health. Some even avoid foods with spices. Well, the information could help them change decisions to enjoy the health advantages of these species. There are five best spices that have healing benefits and they include cinnamon, ginger, sage, turmeric and thyme.


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