February Favourites: Non – Beauty


Following my February Beauty Favourites, I have a couple of favourite items that do not fall into the beauty category, so here goes my Top 5 Non Beauty Favourites


Recipe – Smoothies

I have been loving smoothies recently, the weather is warming up a bit and I have been enjoying experimenting with different fruits and vegetables and creating delicious juices and smoothies. I have been getting inspiration from the Deliciously Ella Cookbooks and Kris Carr


TV Series – The Black List

I have mentioned this in my previous month’s post and it still has not changed. I am still addicted to this series! If you have any suggestions for series’ I should watch, let me know in the comments below


Workout – Yoga with Adrienne

I have been enjoying Yoga a lot this month. I have been lacking routine exercises recently and I have been getting sick quite often these past couple of months which I think is related to poor diet and lack of exercise. So in trying to get back on track, I am trying to get into Yoga again which I used to love and found super beneficial in all aspects especially starting the day off right. I love Yoga with Adrienne, her You Tube videos are awesome. At the moment I am following the Reboot program which I have done once before and I love it, helps me relax and clear my mind before starting my day


Book – Crazy Sexy Starter Kit

I am currently addicted to Kris Carr, she is so inspirational. I love her blog and I have been trying out loads of her recipes and they are amazing. I have read her Crazy Sexy Stater Kit, which is a free pdf which is so informative. I have now moved onto the Crazy Sexy Diet Book, but I am still in the early stages of the book to review. The Crazy Sexy Starter Kit is a great starting point though πŸ™‚


Mobile App – Think Dirty

I am always looking out for new products to try but I want to make sure that I use the cleanest possible products with the best ingredients. The think dirty app is an excellent resource. You can scan barcodes or search for products by name and the app will list the products ingredients along with their harmful / clean rating. If a product is not in the app, you can add it yourself and they will rate it as soon as they have the information. I suggest you give this app a go if you are looking for investing in clean and un-harmful products


What are your current favourite items? do you have any suggestion on what I should try out?


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