The Detox Series – The Role of Excretion [Part 1]



Excretion is a very important regime to keep us healthy. Although it is not very pleasurable to discuss it is important to keep a healthy excretion regime. Drinking plenty of water, watching our diets and incorporating exercise into our daily routine will help us in having a constant excretion regime


Our metabolism is responsible for the chemical reaction in our bodies. These chemical reactions help in keeping us alive and healthy but in doing so, an amount of metabolic waste is produced which must be removed from our bodies before it builds up and causes us harm.

Our excretory system is responsible for making sure our bodies get rid of excess carbon dioxide, water, salts and urea.

There are two main types of waste our excretory system removes which are:

  • Digestive Waste – faeces
  • Metabolic waste – sweat or urine


Keep things running smoothly

In order to make sure our excretory system can do its job properly, we should pay attention to stay healthy and clean the organs involved.

Simple changes to our lifestyle such as drinking plenty of water and eating enough fibre, can be just as beneficial as the artificial methods  available including colonic irrigation.


Excretion is a part of everyone’s life and we should all make sure it is working properly


Systems of Excretion

Four main organs are involved in excretion, six are used for defecation.

If any of these organs break down, waste products will soon reach toxic levels.

Carbon dioxide builds up as we breathe but it is caught by our lungs and is removed during exhalation.

We also have a system for removing metabolic waste. The liver  produces urea, as nitrogenous compounds are broken down, and the bile to help break down fat for the digestive tract. Water, salts and urea are filtered from the blood by our kidneys and sent to the bladder. Water, salts and urea are also excreted by the skin close to our sweat glands.

Solid waste moves to through the digestive tract where it is stored until enough has built up to for it to be passed.


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