My Thoughts on: Bed of Nails – Acupressure Mat



Brand: Bed of Nails

Product: Acupressure Mat


This may look scary but it actually quite relaxing. This acupressure mat is made up of over 8,800 spikes, which are made out of non toxic plastic which are design to simulate acupressure needles effect to help release endorphins.

The acupressure mat is intended to be used for tackling insomnia, ease stress, reduce arthritis aches, increase blood flow, relieve back and neck pain and even improve complexion.


The mat can actually be used as another way to relax and de stress!


Age Range?

I wouldn’t recommend using this mat at a young age, due to the spikes, but I would say it would be suitable for anyone of 20 years and over


How I use it

I usually lay it on the floor (or carpet) and slowly lower myself on the mat. At first I wore a light T-Shirt, but I didn’t find it to be necessary, I usually just wear a simple sports bra. I try to lay on the mat for 15-20 minutes, whilst I listen to some calming music or sometimes even whilst listening to an audio book. This helps in distracting me from moving constantly, however if it feels uncomfortable, which only happened the first couple of times I used it, I just move slightly and return to my original position.

I never experienced any pain, just slightly uncomfortable until I got used to the spikes.

Not sure if it is just in my mind, but I feel instant relief and relaxation as soon as I lay on the mat.


Final Verdict:

I would recommend it to anyone who has an desk job or does a lot of sitting for a long time. It feels amazing and has a lot of benefit such as improves circulation, relieves stress, ease pain and helps with insomnia.


Have you tried the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat before? What are your thoughts?



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