The Detox Series – Clear Your Mind [Part1]



Our mind is prone to toxins just as much as our body is! Getting rid of negativity in our lives will improve our health greatly!


Changing and improving our diets will help greatly in detoxifying our bodies but we also need to take care of our minds as the link between the body and the mind will have a great impact on our overall well being.

Two most common mental toxins are stress and negativity and these have a great impact on our state of mind.


Healthy Mind and Body

Research shows  that the cells that carry our emotions to the brain are also present in the immune system. Chemical messengers from these cells connect the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

Our emotional state has a great impact on our health and as such, a positive attitude is an important part of detox


Getting rid of mental baggage that clutter our minds will have a great impact on our health!


Mental Toxin 1: Stress

Stress wears us down, which makes us prone to illness and leaves us irritable and depressed. This can seriously effect mental functioning and concentration


Mental Toxin 2: Anger

A short temper, mood swings and frequent tearful outbursts are all signs that we need  to deal with our anger


Mental Toxin 3: Fear

Fear that is generated  by rising up to a challenge or facing up to responsibility can be paralysing. To eliminate such toxin, we must identify and understand our fears and face up to them


Mental Toxin 4: Negative Thinking

Research shows that people who maintain a positive attitude, suffer from fewer viral infections and have a stronger immune system than people who are constantly being negative.  So Live and Let Live and try to be as positive as possible. Most often than not, we can learn something from every bad thing that happens!


Storing anger inside ourselves will definitely affect our well being


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