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If you read my previous post, you know I have a book addiction and one of my recent additions is the Deliciously Ella Every Day cookbook. I love Ella and I find her so inspirational. I have been following her blog for over a year now and I have been loving it ever since. I bought her first book early last year and I fell in love with her recipes and her way of eating. Her mobile app is also amazing for getting meal ideas on the go. I have tried most of the recipes from the app and the Deliciously Ella’s first cookbook and I have loved almost all recipes. I can count the recipes that I did not think were amazing on just one hand. I have done a tiny review of the book in my top 5 healthy cookbooks.


Basic Book Information

I had pre-ordered this book quite a long time ago and was so excited to get it in the post. The book is split into multiple categories including Introduction, Breakfast, Healthy Eating on – the – go, Salads, Easy Weekday Dinners, Big Batch Cooking, Simple Sweets as well as a Recipe Index, which makes it easy to identify and locate a particular recipe.


Why I love it?

I love the introduction section where Ella briefly describes her way of living, how to change eating habits and finding balance in your life. It also has tips on where to start and how to start incorporating healthier meals, especially if you are new to the topic and How to live the Deliciously Ella way! My favourite section is tips on how to prepare in advance, something I am always researching and it has great tips on which is the best equipment for food storage and how to best store different foods.

The sections are great as it makes it easy to identify what kind of food you are looking for, whether it is a breakfast recipe for the morning or a meal suitable for batch cooking to prep on a weekend for the week ahead or a quick lunch to take with you on-the-go.

The cupboard staples are awesome! The list is not an endless one and it is perfect to give you an idea what kind of ingredients you need in order to make all the recipes!


Highlights of the book

  1. How to prepare food in Advance
  2. Shopping List / Cupboard Staples
  3. Healthy Eating On-The-Go
  4. Big Batch Cookings
  5. Easy WeekDay Dinners


Final Verdict:

The perfect book for anyone starting out with healthy eating or want to add more plant based meals to your menu as well as anyone who wants to add healthy plant based meals without any hard to find ingredients to their collection. Love it and would recommend it to anyone even those who are not keen on vegetables as the recipes are simple to make and they do not taste like you are just eating vegetables at all!


Have you tried any Deliciously Ella recipes before? What are your thoughts?


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  1. sprinklesofstyle

    8th February 2016 at 12:27 am

    Ah this looks and sounds really great – so many bloggers are now making a name for themselves and it’s lovely to see! πŸ™‚

    Layla xx


    1. daisycandle

      9th February 2016 at 8:31 pm

      Yes it is and I love supporting them, the stuff is usually pretty amazing and this book is no exception πŸ™‚ xxx

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