January Favourites: Non – Beauty


Following my previous January favourites, there have been a number of items that I have been loving this month that are not beauty related, so I thought I should dedicate a separate post to Non Beauty Favourites.


Recipe – Porridge Bake

I do my best to try out a couple of new recipes every month, but this has been my go to recipe for the past couple of months. I eat this most days for breakfast and sometimes even as a dessert! I first tried this recipe from the Deliciously Ella cookbook and I love it, but I have since tried so many different variations and I now have my favourite go to recipe. I will be posting the recipe soon on the blog.

TV Series – The Black List

I love TV series, I prefer them to movies and I have recently been obsessed with this one. It is and FBI sort of series with some deep secrets. I also like the fact that apart from the criminal sort of story, it goes also into the personal lives of some of the detectives.

Workout – Kettlebells

Any thing with a Kettle bell really, I have recently become obsessed! My current favourite Kettle Bell workouts are by Tone It Up and they are the Kettle Booty and KettleToning

Book – A Modern Way to Cook

So this is more of a cook book, but if you read one of my recent posts, you know that I am currently obsessed. I am loving this cook book, I also did a review here, if you want to read more about it, and have mention it along with 4 other cookbooks in my Top 5 Healthy Cookbooks post

Mobile App – Sleep Cycle

I am always looking for ways to get better sleep and to try and make it easier for myself to get up in the morning. This app is great as it can track sleep patterns and according to your sleep movements, it will wake you up at the best time within 30minutes of your chosen wake up time. You can also input certain sleep notes (such as ate late, drank coffee etc) to track sleep patterns and be able to identify how to get the best sleep possible. It has great tunes that can be used as an alarm, which is something I always look for in an alarm / sleep tracker app.


What are your current favourite items? do you have any suggestion on what I should try out?


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