6 Daily Habits of People with Flawless Skin {Guest Post}



There are people who have perfect skin with no blemishes. Most people admire them and always think they are blessed to have such a skin. Flawless skin may be due to genes or due to the proper maintenance. How you maintain your skin is what mostly matters; you can be lucky to naturally have flawless skin but with improper hygiene your skin will be the worst of all. You may be wondering what people with flawless skins do. Below are their daily habits;


1. Removing makeup before they sleep

If you were to seek beauty advice, the first thing a specialist would advise you to be removing makeup before you sleep. Sleeping with make clogs the skin pore causing pollution which can result to occurrence of acne and other skin breakouts. Washing your face daily before you go to bed is a great step towards having a flawless skin. Use a cleanser or a makeup remover to remove makeup from your face. When you are exhausted and tempted to sleep with makeup, sacrifice few minutes in front of a mirror and wipe the makeup away using makeup wipes. In addition, having adequate sleep prevents puffiness under the eyes.


2. Avoiding stress

Stress is a great threat to the health of a skin; it alters the function of the outer layer resulting to wrinkles and irritation. Courtney Dunlop, beauty editor makes avoiding stress part of her skin protection plan. It is very hard to avoid stress but fortunately, there are ways of easing it. Consider massage and exercise to ease the effects of stress on your skin. Stress could also cause brain damage, something no one wishes for.


3. Making exercise a routine

Exercise is not only great for maintaining proper weight but also for maintaining your skin beauty. It opens the pores and removes dirt that can cause skin infection through sweating. According to Joanna Vargas, a celebrity, exercise enhances circulation of nutrients and oxygen within the skin. This nourishes the skin cells making the skin as healthy as it had never been before. Ensure you way your face after exercise to remove the resultant waste that would otherwise clog the pores


4. Washing their face regularly

Washing is an obvious way of maintaining your skin. However, over washing could dry your skin taking you one step behind. Therefore, washing your face twice a day using warm water is enough to make your skin flawless. Never use hot water because it is known for stripping the skin its natural oils resulting to a dry pale skin. A clean face hardly gets puffiness under eyes though wrinkles may become more conspicuous.


5. Exfoliating regularly using chemicals

Exfoliation is great for removing outer dead layer of the skin. However, what most matters are the products used to exfoliate. Using physical scrubs can result to injury of the skin causing irritation which causes flaws on the skin. Using chemical exfoliates is the gentler way of exfoliating. They do not have to force the dead layer off the skin instead, the skin responds willingly to exfoliation. Some exfoliates are known to trigger production of collagen which helps prevent wrinkle formation. Remember to moisturize using the best sunscreen after exfoliating.


6. Using sun screen protection

Ultraviolet rays are a great enemy to the skin. Failing to protect the skin against it can lead to destruction of collagen resulting formation of wrinkles. Exposure to the sun also can cause sunspots which give the skin uneven color complexion. Using a safe sunscreen is the best way to avoid the effects of the sun on the skin.



A Healthy skin gives a major contribution to the beauty of an individual. It is obtained through proper care as per the above habits. Most of the skin problems are human caused and can be avoided by being a little cautious. Washing your skin, removing makeup, adequate sleep and exercise are among the major things that a skin demands for to be healthy. Therefore, always sacrifice few minutes to ensure your skin is in good condition. All the skin types have the potential of being flawless; it only requires you to make it a reality.



Author Bio:

Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News. In recent years, she had the opportunity to review Joint soother. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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