The Best 5 Healthy Cookbooks



I have admitted my obsession with books in my recent cook book review.

I love cook books and I love relaxing on the sofa on a the weekend going through cook books and planning some recipes for the week ahead. The following 5 cookbooks are my 5 most reached for cook books.


Plenty More

This is an amazing cookbook full of  vegetable recipes. The idea behind this book is to add more vegetable based dishes to the everyday meals. Each recipe is supported with a beautiful image which is something I look for in every cook book. Plenty more recipes are split into different ways  vegetables can be cooked including; tossed, steamed, blanched, simmered, braisedd, grilled, roasted, fried, mashed, cracked, baked and sweetened. Most of the recipes have a nice twist to them such as a tomato and watermelon gazpacho which is delicious!


Get The Glow

By Madeleine Shaw, a nutritional health coach. This book contains a six-week program on how to best go about leading a cleaner lifestyle and actually get the glowing from inside and out! In this section each week addresses a different topic and it consists of tips, information and Q&A for each week. The recipes are also split into sections such as breakfasts, snacks, soups and salads, speedy suppers , weekend wonders, sweet treats and drinks. I have tried quite a number of recipes from this book and I loved everyone so far. Most are simple to prepare and very straight forward, almost all recipes are supported with a lovely image, which I love.


Hemsley Hemsley – The Art of Eating Well

This is an amazing resource! Amongst loads of recipes, it also contains loads of information such as, 10 things to do to lead a healthier lifestyle, the Hemsley sisters’ food philosophy, 12 Golden rules, stocking up your kitchen, kitchen essentials and cook notes, Basic Recipes and Methods how to best prep and cook basic foods, The Sunday Cook off which contains tips and ideas on how to best meal prep for the week, Menu ideas and tips for eating out and travel. Along with the information, comes loads of recipes which are split into; Breakfasts, Soups, Salads, Sides and Snacks, Meat and Fish, Vegetable Mains, Dressings and Dips, Baking and Desserts and Drinks. I would say that this a book that everyone should read, even if you don’t like the recipes, the information is so worth it!


Deliciously Ella

This is by far my most used cook book, I have tried most of the recipes in it and loved almost every one! The book consists of Ella’s Story and how eating a healthy diet improved her condition greatly, tips on getting started, kitchen essentials and equipment which make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most cook books, the recipes are split into food groups; grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and pulses, vegetables, fruit, smoothies and juices and living the deliciously ella way. Each section contains a description of the food group and what food falls under that food group followed by recipes in that particular food group. All the recipes are plant based, but it is still a great cookbook for any meat eater who wants to add more variety to the menu and add more plant based meals.


A Modern Way to Cook

This is a recent addition to my collection and have been loving it so far. I have recently posted a full review on the book here, so I won’t repeat myself. But I love it, it has recently been added to my most reached for cook books.



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