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Using foods that contain essential nutrients ensures you get the energy and the vitality the body needs. The cells need the nutrients for their proper functioning. All the organs require the energy to perform roles and functions. How best the body works, therefore, depends on what you eat or take. Unfortunately, some people are careless about their health choices. They miss some essential food in their diet. Unhealthy feeding habits lead to serious health repercussions and consequences.  Proper planning for meals helps you to get balanced diets and, therefore, maximizing the benefits of all them.

Healthy eating helps you to maintain a good health. Also, it helps to prevent the occurrence of diseases and illnesses. It keeps off diabetes, heart conditions and cancers. Most of the chronic illnesses have a connection to lifestyle and diet choices.  Better still, proper and healthy dieting ensures that you enjoy a better quality of life.  It aids in energy boosting, improving the moods and stress reduction. Research indicates that proper dieting choices is one of the best ways to live healthy. Unfortunately, most people usually make wrong dietary choices. Wrong food choices are majorly influenced by busy schedules, lack of sufficient information, availability of fast foods and processed foods options.  Wrong choices can lead to impacts that are impossible to correct or difficult to deal with. The occurrence of chronic illnesses, for example, comes with several complications.


Eat Well to Stay Alive

The body requires several nutrients for use each day. The cells need the nutrients for proper functioning. The nutrients also provide the energy the organs and the body requires for all the processes.  The essential nutrients are the macronutrients. They are essential for survival and good health and well being.  Some provide energy; others provide protection to the body while others have a role in the growth of the body cells. For optimal performance of the body cells, you need these nutrients. Include them in your plan for benefits.



The main role and function of the essential nutrient is the energy provision.  In other words, it provides fuel to all the body organs including the brain.  Energy is essential for each cell and organ function.  The body breaks the carbohydrates taken in the form of glucose.  Consequently, the cells need the glucose to create the energy they require for different functions. It is of the essence therefore to have a plan that includes the carbohydrate. However, it is essential to use the carbohydrates whose calorie levels are low. These are healthy options as they help to keep your weight low and healthy.  Some of the best sources of the essential food are oatmeal, barley, brown bread, brown rice and bulgur. It is essential to maintain a low intake of those grains that are refined.



Proteins help in building and the repair of the tissues in the body.  It is also good for energy provision in the body.  The acids in the proteins are essential for building new tissues. These tissues include the bones, the skin, the muscle and the hair.  Also, the proteins help in other body reactions. For example, it aids in the release of catalysts that are essential for smooth running of the reactions. It also aids in the release of essential antibodies and hormones in the body. Best protein options include lean meats, seafood, peas, beans poultry products nuts, eggs, seeds and soy products.  Include the proteins in the diet daily.


Vitamins and Minerals

The essential nutrients ensure that the body remains healthy. You need them for most of the physiological functions.  For normal growth and development, the minerals and the vitamins play a vital role.  Their role is unique. They ensure optimal health.  Calcium mineral and vitamin D, for example, help to provide strong and healthy bones. Vitamin B, on the other hand, is essential for boosting and maintaining a well-functioning immune system.  In other words, they play a protective role in the body cells.  Fruits and vegetables are perfect choices to gain benefits of the foods. Lean proteins and dairy products are also good.



In a nutshell, essential foods or nutrients need to be in the diets daily. They help in energy provision, growth and protecting the body. Your health depends on the dietary choices you make. Have a good and healthy plan.


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