The Detox Series – Sources of Skin Toxins [Part2]



Our skin comes across various sources of toxins throughout the day. Understanding the different sources of toxins will help you make better choices to avoid them as much as possible.


Toxin 1: Diet

A diet high in processed food and fatty food can cause the body to become filled with toxins.  To over come this;

  • Add more green fruits and vegetables
  • avoid fatty foods
  • have healthy food on hand, so you won’t be tempted to get readily processed foods


Toxin 2: Stress

Stress can be considered as a poison to the body and it will prevent our bodies malfunction. Some skin conditions such as eczema are very sensitive to stress. We can avoid stress by:

  • Exercising regulary
  • Make time to relax and find some ‘me’ time doing things you enjoy


Clogged pores or breakouts may be caused by stress


Toxin 3: Pollution

Our skin is in constant contact with the environment and is likely to be attacked by toxic pollutants which are in the atmosphere. Pollutants mixed with dirt, sebum and makeup on our skin will generate harmful free-radicals when exposed to UV radiation, produced by the sun.

  • Free radicals attack our skin’s fibres which causes it to age pre maturely
  • A diet rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E help our bodies to fight and defeat such damaging free radicals
  • Making sure to cleanse well daily is very important, since our skin is attacked daily by pollutants that block pores


Toxin 4: Smoking

This may sound like a ramble you have been hearing for ages, but cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 toxins, which are absorbed directly into our skin. The build up of these toxins, reduces the skin’s ability to regenerate itself and the skin layers get thinner as the collagen levels decreases. The increases the ageing process hence making wrinkles appear at a younger age and become slower to heal after injury. To avoid such symptoms:

  • Quit smoking for good
  • Avoid smoky places to prevent passive smoking


One of the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes is the serious impact it can have on the appearance and regeneration of the skin, causing wrinkles and pre mature ageing


Cleansing the skin

  • A daily cleansing routine is important to ensure that our skin is supple and free from pollutants we come in contact with everyday.
  • A cleanser is essential to remove toxins and dead skin cells. I would suggest using a flannel with your cleanser to make sure all makeup and daily dirt is removed as well as providing a gentle exfoliation.
  • A moisturiser will help to keep the skin hydrated (along with drinking plenty of water which plays and important role) and well as protects a protective barrier.
  • Make sure that the products you use have high quality ingredients. This does not necessarily mean super expensive, although if you can afford it, I would recommend it. We only have one face which will last us a life time!
  • I have 2 skin care routines, which I still love and use the same products most days. One is of bought natural products and the other one is out of stuff you can find in your cupboards.


Link1: Conventional Skincare routine

Link 2: DIY Skincare Routine


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