The Detox Series – How to Relieve Irritated Sinuses [part 2]


Maintaining the health of our sinuses will help us breathe easier and Detoxing them involves as much prevention as remedy

Airborne Toxins

Many substances irritate our sinuses, causing them to become inflamed and congested; The best way to prevent sinus disorders is to avoid these toxins altogether.

Toxin 1: Toxic Fumes – these includes toxins such as cigarette smoke which can cause the lining of the sinuses to become irritated and swollen. The extra mucus produced to flush the toxins from the airways causes congestion and impair our sense of smell and taste

Toxin 2: Artificial Heating and Cooling Systems – can cause the nasal passage and sinuses to dry out which leads to discomfort and sensitivity

Airborne toxins can trigger an allergic reaction, where the sinus and nasal membrane release a chemical known as histamine. The substance inflames our nose, sinus and eyes, causing them to swell, itch and become runny

Facial Massage

Manipulation of the facial tissue through massage can help to cleanse the sinuses and  is a common therapy in the Orient. Apart from boosting the lymphatic system, massaging the facial muscles encourages drainage of the sinuses, loosing the congested area and forcing the mucus into the nasal passage and throat from where it can be expelled.

Diet and Lifestyle

Exercise is an excellent way to maintain the health of our airways and improve draining the sinuses.

Certain Yoga positions where our body is inverted directly, promote sinus drainage, however, these should not be performed if the sinuses are already painfully congested.

A healthy diet is also important and eating more garlic (which is an amazing antibacterial) and drinking plenty of water is always recommended.

Herbal Remedies

A Steam bath with peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils can help in clearing the airways! 

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