The Detox Series – Detoxing the Sinuses [Part 1]


Congested Sinuses can lead to the sniffles, breathing difficulties and bacterial infections, making your life generally miserable. Avoid this discomfort with some simple detox remedies.

Our sinuses are cavities in the front of our skull which drain into our nasal passages, decrease the weight of our skull and give our voice resonance. We have four pairs of sinuses;

  • one located just above our eye brows
  • another on the sides of the sides of the bridge of our nose
  • the third is behind our nose
  • and the last is in our cheekbones (this is the largest passage)

Sensitive Sinuses

The sinuses are lined with cells that produce mucus and transport it out of the sinuses into the nose and then down the throat. The average adult produces one quart of mucus daily. This keeps our nose and sinuses moist as well as traps any inhaled irritants. Usually the mucus from our sinuses drains into our nasal cavities through tiny canals, however, if the mucus thickens, it can congest and block, causing pressure which will result in having headaches caused by having the nerves within the skull compressed.

Symptoms of sinus disease include nasal congestion, a runny nose, headaches, coughs, bad breath and irritability

The reason why we sneeze

A sneeze is a form of defence mechanism by which our body expels an irritant from its pathways. Sneezes are commonly triggered by dust, pollen or other types of particles that settle on the sensitive mucous membranes in our nasal passage

Cleaning our nose

These membranes are linked by a network of nerves that react to potentially harmful foreign bodies  by sending signals to the respiratory centre at the base of our brain. In a reflex reaction, the brain activates the muscles that makes us inhale and close our airways. This causes pressure to build up in our lungs until it forces our airways to open suddenly, expelling the irritant from our nose and mouth.


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