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We girls (and even guys) love to look our best as much as possible. Some of us have a fantastic genetics to thank to but, unfortunately, some us don’t. This is why, to look good – it’s essential we take good care of ourselves we can enjoy the reflection in the mirror. No, I am not proclaiming becoming self-absorbed or obsessed with your image – I am only saying it’s important to love yourself and care for yourself because when you do, not only do you look wonderful but you feel even better and ooze the confidence we all lack from time to time.

This time around I will be talking about hair issues, answering some of the questions I’ve been recently getting from you guys and suggesting some of the best vitamins for hair health and its quick growth.

Is it true that vitamins for hair really help it grow?

Hair is the part of your entire being so the healthier you are overall, the stronger your hair will be. However, for it to grow quickly and stay healthy, adequate supplies of vitamins are definitely needed, and thus we can argue that vitamins for hair do help with hair growth.

Have in mind that if you have medical condition that is causing hair loss/limiting your hair growth, as well as if you have a hereditary problem of hair loss the vitamins won’t help much.

Are there particular vitamins for hair growth to take during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely. Hair growth vitamins that are available in all pharmacies and even at better equip hairdressing salons are specifically designed to encourage your hair growth hair.

An absolutely wonderful thing with these types of vitamins is they “have a vitamin profile geared directly towards hair growth and not geared toward providing proper nutrition for pregnancy”.

Can vitamins help regrow hair?

Depending on the type of your hair loss, vitamins can only do as much. In case you’ve been losing hair as a result of a lot of stress or other factor, the moment you start topping up on the vitamins needed for hair to grow properly you are likely to see a great improvement. However, if you have male pattern baldness taking vitamins won’t help the bald patches but it will enhance hair growth in places that aren’t affected.

Lifestyle changes may also help; try changing your diet (and always consult with your dietitian/nutritionist first) and including daily exercise in your regular day flow. This will reduce stress and help you feel better overall which will definitely have an impact on hair growth, too.


Should I buy organic vitamins for hair growth?

Yes! Organic body care products as well as organic supplements for hair are the best thing that can happen to you! Organic products mean getting the best of the best, as you know you are buying from whole food sources. Our bodies are better with organic produce absorption and processing, whether we are talking foods or cosmetics.

Are there any side effects of vitamins for hair?

Excessive amounts of anything may definitely be harmful for the body, and the same goes for vitamins intake. You don’t have to exaggerate when it comes to dosages of vitamins your take as encouraging optimal hair growth will do with the regular amount.

Getting more than you need does not provide better results, so always make sure you’re getting just enough.


What are the best vitamins for hair as part of a diet?

Here are some alternative sources of vitamins that you can incorporate into your diet. Also keep in mind what’s actually healthy for you and what’s not, given there are so many misleading information out there.

Vitamin D: This is important for hair follicle cycling, especially for individuals who live in countries where sunlight is limited. Great alternative sources to Vitamin D supplement are mushrooms, salmon, grains and beef liver.

Iron: Women who don’t eat a lot of red meat and are in child-bearing ages tend to be deficient in iron. Iron promotes hair growth as it carries oxygen to hair. Iron-rich foods include lentils, egg yolks, spinach and chicken. However, always discuss with your physician about how much iron you should take every day.

Zinc: Excessive sweating and heavy exercisers lead to loss of the significant amounts of zinc. To regain this hair growth mineral, opt for foods like turkey, lamb, turkey, chocolate and pumpkin seeds.

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