The Detox Series – Cellulite [Part 1]




Cellulite affects a large proportion of the female population. There are some natural healing remedies to improve its unsightly appearance

Most women and even some men suffer from having areas of puckered, dimpled skin most commonly on the thights, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms – commonly known as cellulite. More than 95 per cent of women are affected by this, regardless of the physical shape or size, so if you are one of them, do not feel alone.




What is cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by a build up of toxins underneath the skin. A chemical reaction causes these toxins to fuse with the fat in the skin and become hard, which produces cellulite. A popular misconception is that cellulite only affects larger women, but it affects women with smaller figures.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for it, although many cosmetic companies want us to believe so, no cream alone will make cellulite disappear! However with determination and healthy living we can smooth away cellulite and improve appearance of skin.


How does cellulite form?

Scientists believe that there is a positive connection between the level of the oestrogen hormone in the body and the development of cellulite. Studies also show that women now have more oestrogen in their bodies than ever before.


Lifestyle Choice

It appears that cellulite develops when there is an excess of oestrogen causing waste matter being transported away from the organs. Diet and lifestyle, however, are also important factors.

Foods containing great amounts of preservatives, chemicals and additives add to the toxic load, resulting in sluggish circulation and the increase of cellulite


As waste increases, layers below the skin weaken and becomes misshapen, which causes cellulite 



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