The Detox Series – Detoxing the Liver [Part 1]


A healthy liver is responsible for many of our body’s vital functions. It is essential for our total feeling of well being!

Our liver is the main processing organ of any chemicals we come in touch with. The liver converts  everything we eat, breathe and absorb through our skin into life-sustaining substances. It plays a vital role in the digestive process because it helps in producing bile (a substance stored in the gallbladder that helps to break down fats). The Liver also processes digested food and disperses it throughout the body.


Vital Role

The liver acts as an excretory organ, it filters toxins from our blood and converts them into waste, which is excreted into the bile (which is the main function of bile) or into the blood. The it is expelled from the body in the forms of faeces or urine.

A diet hight in fats, sugar and alcohol, along with environmental toxins such as pesticides and nitrates, can seriously affect your health by interfering with the liver’s functions.

Fortunately our liver has amazing powers of regeneration and a liver detox can work wonders on our whole body.


When having friends over for a couple of beers add a tasty but healthy guacamole dip to help out the liver

The Anatomy of the Liver

The liver is the largest organ inside our body and has large amounts of blood flowing through it every minute. It consists of two main lobes that appear flat and smooth but are made up of many thousands of microscopic cells.

Bodily Filter

These liver cells are separated by spaces that act like a filter through which unfiltered blood flows. Liver cells have a huge role in getting rid of unwanted substances from the blood. These cells ingest and break down toxic matter such as  dead cells, microorganisms, chemicals (such as nitrates and preservatives, drugs)  and other debris from the blood stream


Our liver is our largest internal organ which filters all the toxins from our blood – and keeps us alive!


It is important to keep our liver as healthy as possible as it plays an important role in our overall well being, and in today’s world, we are working the liver overtime!


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How to Cleanse and Boost the Liver – will be addressed in another post


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