The Power of Positive Thinking on Your Health {Guest Post}


In the last decade, there have been many studies about the power of positive thinking and how we can benefit from it in many ways. People who think positive thoughts are happier in general – they are very productive at their job, satisfied with a relationship with their partner, and have better communication with their family.

There are even studies that show that recovery rates among people who are fighting an illness are much higher with those who have a positive attitude about fighting their disease.

Tell yourself you can change

If you are one of those people who find it hard to accept new things, you are making your own life more difficult than it could be. You should be aware that change is not always a bad thing, since it can make you grow and learn about yourself and the world.

Think about it this way: remember at least three moments when you had to change and it turned out it was a good thing: moving away from your parents or meeting new people who are now an important part of your life. Be open and honest; changes in your life are not always a bad thing.

Talking to yourself is beneficial as well – it can help you blow off steam, and understand your own thoughts better.


Change perspective by changing your surrounding

When you are going through a tough period in life, you can feel trapped both in your body and your home. Walls surrounding you can turn into a prison and your frustration and anger will only grow.


This is not a good thing, and sometimes changing your surroundings can help you obtain peace of mind. You don’t have to move to a new city and start a new life; a mini-vacation in health and wellness retreats can help you relax and see things clearly. Being away from everyday things can help you get a new perspective and come back calmer.


Refuel and re-energize

Lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet of fast food and sodas may make you feel worse than before. You would not believe how much better you would feel if you give yourself a chance to detox both your body and mind – swap coffee with cream and sodas for some green tea and water with lemon.


Add more vegetables to your diet and prepare your meals at home instead of ordering pizza. Fresh fruit with raw honey is equally sweet but ten times as healthy and energizing as a candy bar.


Talk to the right people for support

Experts believe that talking to people who are close to you is not as beneficial as you might think. Yes, you will feel much better by taking it off your chest, but because you know each other for so long, you share beliefs and tend to think alike. This way you don’t get a chance to change perspective, and consider things you usually wouldn’t.

Change your approach and angle of looking at things by talking to a professional; they will help you feel less sad and lost and give you a positive boost. You will begin noticing things you haven’t noticed before and start focusing on things you used to overlook, which will make you more alert and energized.

There are many cases where people got better even from the most complicated and difficult diseases by changing their attitudes and deciding to stay optimistic and positive. Don’t lose hope even if you are sick, change your lifestyle and diet, take your doctor’s advice, and believe that soon you will feel much better. Your health will improve and one day you will wake up to find yourself both healthy and happy.


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