The Detox Series – Detoxifying The Digestive System [Part2]



Following the previous post on Detoxifying the Digestive System, we will now look into actual foods that can help with the detoxifying of the digestive system

Healthy Eating Habits are the first steps to maintaining healthy digestion amongst other foods and therapies which will help you remain detoxed!

Every Day Foods

Following a healthy balanced diet rich in whole foods is great to limit our exposure to toxins and help in cleansing the digestive tract.

Fresh Produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an amazing part of a healthy balanced diet. Although organic food is best to avoid insecticides and pesticides, this is not always possible due to availability and cost. Where possible try to stick to the clean 15 and dirty dozen rule, however don’t panic if your food is not organic, try to eat locally as much as possible and make sure to soak and wash your produce well before consumption, even before cooking.

Whole grains and cereals

These include brown rice, barley and oats. These are fibre rich foods which are a valuable source of nutrients and help in having easier bowel movements, colonic and rectal health.

Beans and Pulses

An amazin source of nutrients since they are high in fibre, releive constipation, lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. AMAZING! Beans contain phytoestrogens, which are known for hormone-balancing properties and protection agains certain types of cancer.

Nuts and Seeds

Being Protein rich makes them an amazing alternative to meat and cheese. Nuts are also beleive to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease and improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. Seeds are tasty in any meal and have huge health benefits since they are rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant

Beans and Pulses come in loads of varieties to please any palate


Detox Superfood

This is where the interesting part comes in. Certain foods are super effective at stimulating the elimination of toxins from our body.

  • Chlorella – contains a high level of clorophyll and is a powerful antioxidant, blood tonic and cleanser
  • Aloe Vera – helps us maintain the balance of the digestive tract, aid digestion and ease IBS and constipation
  • Psyllium husks – the seeds of plantain  and linseed are fibre rich seeds and amazing for cleansing the colon

Psyllium husks can be mixed into drinks to increase the levels of cleansing in our diets


Digestive Herbs

Herbs make a useful and tasty addition to any meal and herbs such as peppermint and parsley, have a calming effect of our digestive system and aids digestion. Liquorice, acts as a natural laxative and it helps in flushing out our system by encourouging more frequent bowel movements. Herbs can be added to food or enjoyed as an infusion

Peppermint can be used as a healthy and clean after-dinner breath mint




Other Therapies

In addition to healthy eating, a number of therapies can help in promoting bowel health.

Certain Yoga poses are designed to massage and mobilise our internal organs, improve blood flow and boost the elimination of toxins. Massaging the stomach and body brushing  also helps in improving blood flow and lymphatic system!

I love the Body Brush by Hydrea London


There are a lot of easy foods and routines to incorporate into our daily lives to improve our digestive system without the need to go on a full on cleanse, if you find this intimidating. Following such steps in your everyday life will help in living a healthier and happier life!



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