The Detox Series – Detoxifying The Digestive System [Part 1]


The digestive system is the best part of your body to start detoxing since the digestive tract is the main site of toxin absorption and elimination.

This is clearly shown in the high number of people suffering from food allergies and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) especially in recent years, everyone seem to be allergic to something! Most allergies and symptoms are highly linked to poor nutrition, lack of nutrients and ready made foods containing loads of chemicals and preservatives exposing  us to toxins that these foods contain.

Eating the Old Fashioned Way

This is the best way to eat as food is fresh and all ingredients in a meal are wholesome and nutritious without any additives, unlike many common foods today which takes a toll on our digestive system. Eating wholesome food, improves our health dramatically especially when pairing it up with a detoxification of the digestive system.

Our meals should be a balance of a variety of food such as fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses and herbs!


Time Issue

If time is an issue to preparing wholesome foods from scratch, practice some simple recipes so you will have some go to recipes when time is limited! Reserve a couple of hours a week or every 2 weeks and wash, peel, chop any fruit and veg you are going to use. If not being used within a couple of days freeze! You will find them super handy when time is limited.

Making soup, sauces, chilies, beans or even meat? Double the recipe and freeze the extra for quick meals that just need to be heated up in a pan. You will thank yourself on days when you are super busy and tired!

I found Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals and Cook Now Eat Later by Mary Berry super helpful in getting ideas on how to prep food easily.


Fighting the build-up of toxins

The benefits of getting rid of toxins from our digestive system are numerous and includes:

  1. Clearing the digestive tract from rotting food matter, aiding digestion and speeding up metabolism
  2. Allows better absorption of nutrients via the stomach wall
  3. More efficient elimination of waste therefore healthier bowels = better and more comfortable bowel movements
  4. Improved complexion which can be clearly seen when the body is cleansed from the inside; clearer more radian skin
  5. Detoxing restores our digestive system’s natural bacterial environment – helps and heals candida sufferers

Following a fresher, healthier diet and increasing our intake of natural detox food can help as a prevention from developing series illnesses such as diabetes and cancer


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