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With the holidays just around the corner, you might want to do a little detox now to make sure your body is healthy, or even prepare to do a good cleanse after the holiday season is over.

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time, you know I love cleanses and detoxing. I love how good I feel afterwards. If you haven’t seen such posts yet you can check them out here and here

I decided to do a little series on detoxing different parts of the body or organs which will go out every Monday, then on Friday I might add more information on the topic discussed on Monday if not, it will be another health topic, so stay tuned!

I have done a couple of detox post last year and one that I think is very season appropriate is the Hangover Detox and Natural Boost of Alcohol Detox

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I am linking some of my previous detox posts and will be linking the new ones once they go live for easier access.

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Clean: 21 Day Detox – The Followup

Top 6 Tips for Detoxing

Understanding the Magic of Detox

Understanding Detox Side-Effects

Symptoms of a Toxins Buildup

Understanding Sources of Toxins

How the Body Eliminates Toxins [Part 1]

How the Body Eliminates Toxins [Part 2]

Daily Detox Drinks

Detox – Digestive System #1

Detox – Digestive System #2

Detox –  Liver #1

Detox – Liver #2

Detox – Cellulite #1

Detox – Cellulite #2

Detox – Sinus #1

Detox – Sinus #2

Detox – Skin #1

Detox – Skin #2

Detox – Mind #1

Detox – Mind #2

Detox – Excretion #1

Detox – Excretion #2

Detox – Kidneys


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