The Best Tips to Follow when Grocery Shopping



I am a shopaholic! There its out, I love shopping, whether, online, at the mall or even grocery shopping, I love all kind of shopping. That being said, I have found the following tips to make it easier when I go grocery shopping both for my bank account and well-being. Sticking to these tips make it easier to stick to healthy food options, so here goes my list:

  1. Never go hungry – going food shopping whist your stomach is growling makes it very possible to end up putting all kinds of food, especially ready made food into your shopping cart. It is also proven that sweets and treats tend to look more appetising when hungry !
  2. Always have a list – Ideally sort your list according to the isles of the supremarket. Knowing exactly what you need makes it easier to plan your route around the supermarket to make sure you get everything without having to go back and forth
  3. Stick to your list – this is good both for your budget and your health. We tend to impulse buy a lot so sticking to your list is important to reduce the possibility of having cupboards full of chocolate and crisps which will come in handy when you are bored at home. If you don’t have it, its more likely that you won’t eat it!
  4. Avoid the sweet isles – or any tempting isles for that matter. If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and are avoiding sweets and processed foods, avoid these isles in the first place. Same as in the previous tipe, if you don’t see it, you are less inclined to get it, so unless you really need something from these kinds of isles, avoid them altogether and you are more likely to stick to your list.
  5. Avoid rush hours – not only this will make your shopping trip really quick and easy, but most supermarkets tend to have sweets and knick knacks around the checkout areas which makes it really tempting to add a couple of chocolate bars to your trolley or some jelly beans whilst you are waiting in queue. If you find an empty checkout, you are less likely to be tempted!


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