Pros and Cons of Processed Food


So, following the previous post on whether processed food can replace fresh food, in this post we will discuss some further information on processed / refined foods.

Pros and Cons

Processed foods have various pro’s and con’s and most people are only aware of the pro’s  However the con’s out weigh the pro’s especially when frequently consumed. The more the food is processed the fewer the nutrients remaining. So if a meal is purchased ready made and frozen compared to a similar meal made from scratch, the ready made meal will have much less nutrients due to several factors such as; been prepared for a long time, methods of cooking are unknown, added preservatives and additives, flavourings and other chemicals to provide longer shelf life with nice colours. Some foods loose colour, taste and texture once frozen, so most ready made meals have chemicals added to add artificial colours and taste.


Main Pros

The pros of processed food may be important to many people especially ones who lead a very busy lifestyle mainly to being convenient, longer shelf life and ready cooked meals.

Cost may also be another factor why people choose refined foods, however refined food is cheap with good reason, it simply has less nutrients e.g. 100g of white flour has 0.3g of fibre as opposed to whole wheat flour which has 2.3g per 100g.


Main Cons

Eating processed foods frequently for a long period of time can have an effect on your taste buds in a way that you tend to only like refined food due to the amount of sugar in them.

High quantities of fat, sugar and sodium are found in processed food. Salt and sugar are found in high quantities in many canned vegetables. Hydrogenated fats and oils are found in cakes and biscuits which are linked to heart disease.

Additives in processed foods make the meal taste good, but they cannot be properly absorbed by the body which will add to toxicity in the body and can lead to leaky gut symptoms including migraines, headaches, allergies, IBS and more…


The Verdict

Practice on some favourite quick meals and have their ingredients always  stocked up  to be able to whip up a good meal within 15-30minutes any time. Alternatively batch cook some of your favourtie meals on the weekend and freeze to use later on within a month or so! This might end up being quicker and a similar price if not cheaper than ready made meals.


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