Can processed and refined foods really replace fresh food?


Processed and refined foods have become more popular in recent years, with everyone being really busy and working longer hours, however, can processed and refined foods really replace fresh food?

The Reality

The answer is No, not if you want to have a good intake of vitamins and minerals. The quality of refined foods will never have the same quality of freshly harvested food! When fresh food is process to gain  more shelf life, some of its nutrients are stripped away, leaving us with less nutritious food. Other processed food sometimes involve man made food which is full of synthetics and chemicals, making it harder to digest which may cause other problems to the body apart from lacking nutrients.



Refined foods were once considered the privilege of the wealthy and it was developed to supplement any lack of fresh foods due to seasons and environment, however nowadays most people include it as a part of their daily diet, regardless of the class and sometimes it may come even cheaper that buying fresh nutritious food, unfortunately. We must admit that processed food is convenient and found almost everywhere and it includes cereals, ready made dinners as well as sandwiches.


What do the labels on the packages mean?

Some labels may be misleading, and may lead you to think that the item is more nutritious than it actually is!

Always read the ingredient list before buying a product to see what you are actually getting.

Some common labels include:

Rich in Vitamin C: this is very common in juices and drinks, the vitamin C is all synthetic, which means that our body finds it really hard to digest which causes more pressure on the body and the heart and the amount of actual vitamin C you will be getting is very limited.

Pure Still Water: this is obviously found on water bottles and there is a difference between pure still water and natural or spring water. The pure still water might come from normal city water, tap water, whilst natural or spring water has to come from springs or be rock filtered which is much better.

Builds Healthy Bones: this is commonly found in cereals, and it usually means that calcium, in the form of chalk has been added to the food. This kind of calcium can also be used as a bulking agent and it is very difficult for the body to absorb, which again, will cause stress on the body.


The Verdict!

It is really important to understand what you are eating, the next time you are grocery shopping, have a look at a couple of labels to figure out what is actually included in the food. As a rule of thumb, I try to steer clear as much a possible from ingredients I do not recognise or chemical numbers and additives.


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