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October is breast cancer awareness month , which is also known as pink october! A lot of countries participate in Pink October where usually they create event in aid for breast cancer awareness.

Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer does not only affect women by also men. Although it not as common, men can also be affected and it is important to share any knowledge so people are more aware.

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I love the blog by Kriss Carr and her very popular book Crazy Sexy Diet. She is a cancer survivor, and she found a way to stop her cancer from growing by changing her life style and the way she eats. If you have some time have a look at her website, it is very interesting and I’m sure you’ll enjoy an article or two!  There are also recipies on her website, and if you are like me, I am always on the look out for delicious healthy recipes!

What are your thoughts on Pink October? is it a cause near to your heart? I do believe that by changing the way we eat makes it possible to heal ourselves from most diseases. Another book which made me beleive so is Clean by Dr Alejandro Junger, which I have blogged about before in Currently Reading: CleanClean 21 Day Detox and 21 Day Detox Followup. I did the cleanse myself and felt super amazing afterwards. It also helped in healing my eczema and I am currently planning to do the 21 Day Detox again. I plan to do this twice a year and although I did not follow through with my plan of eating according to the plan, I am looking forward to do it again and feel amazing again!


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