September Favorites


I am still tying to do the Project Pan, so I am not using much products except the one I plan to use up but I still have some staples which I am loving.

I have been using the Alpha H Liquid Gold for over a year now and I still love it. I don’t use it as much as the recommended amount, but I try to incorporate it into my routine at least ones a week. I have noticed a significant change in my skin since I started using this and I feel like it really helped when I had acne scarring and was using this product around 3 times a week.

The next product is a Hand and Body Wash by Balance me  and its in the Revitalising scent. I love this for a morning wash as it smells so refreshing and awakening. I also love the Balance Me brand as it does not contain harsh chemicals (at least to my knowledge, please correct me if I am wrong)

Pai, is definitely one of my favourite skin care brands. It is made of amazing ingredients, smells amazing and I love the way it makes my skin feels and looks. I am currently using the Geranium and Thistle Day moisturiser daily as part of my morning routine and I love it. I usually switch to this one for the summer period and opt for the Hydrating or Sensitive one for Winter months. The Geranium and Thistle one is suggested for Combination skin. 

Impulse, I have been using Impulse for over a decade now and I love it. I am currently using the Sweet Smile (Pear and Jasmine) which I think is quite a recent edition and  I am loving. I don’t use this deodorant on my skin, I usually spray over my clothes just before popping out the door. 

My last favourite for this month is Aloe Vera, I use aloe vera for various reasons but recently I have been using it as an eyebrow gel. I de pot some in a small container and use a clean mascara brush to apply. I love it it works like a clear mascara, its natural and I would say it would be cheaper. 


What are your monthly favourites? Any suggestions for items I should try out?

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think in the comments below

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