Kikki-K Purchase


Following my Kikki-K planner post, I have purchased some other items from Kikki-K which I am loving. 

I came across this brand while looking for a planner, and since I am a stationary addict, I fell in love with most of the items. 

A very simple item that I have been loving are these spiral gold paper clips, I love them they are so chic and I have been using them as a bookmark in my planner and books I am reading. These came in a 100pc lovely glass jar.

Another item I purchased is a travel wallet. I don’t really travel often, usually its once a year or so however I enjoy having everything sorted and organised and to be quite honest I am a sucker for a good hand bag or pouch! I love the way this wallet is designed it contains labelled slots for various items required when travelling, such as currency, tickets, passport and boarding passes. The wallet can also handle other papers and staff which can be closed well with a zip. I love its navy blue colour, it timeless and a classic piece especially for people who like to travel or travel often. 

One last item I got within the same purchase is the Live What You Love sticker book, which contains over 100 quote stickers with motivational quotes. Its perfect for adding to your everyday planner / diary to help in keeping you motivated along your day.


Have you ever purchased anything from Kikki – K? Any recommendations?


Thank you for reading, let me know what you think in the comments below. 


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